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Eluna Auction #23492 Dinner for Two at Jyoti Indian Restaurant, Haifa

5/22/2018 1:14:00 PM

Dinner for Two at Jyoti Indian Kitchen

Jyoti is an authentic Indian restaurant serving the foods from Northern India. Most Israelis are accustomed to the mild flavors of Southern Indian food. If you enjoy ethnic foods, like to try foods from other cultures and like unusual spicing, you will have a grand time at Jyoti.

The menu is vegetarian/dairy. A variety of dishes are presented in small bowls on a large tray. Indian style dining includes a good selection of rice, beans, legumes and vegetable dishes flavored with Indian spices. Sauces sometimes include yogurt. In India the locals scoop up the foods with bread. But if you need conventional silverware, I am sure that it can be provided.

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Indian Kitchen
72 Haatzmaut Rd., Haifa
Telephone: 054-2088077
Kashrut: Rabbanut Haifa

Bid on a NIS 150 voucher.

First Bid
NIS 70 
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NIS 90 
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NIS 10
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2/15/2017 7:00:00 PM 
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The Auction has ended

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