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Eluna Auction #26044 Dinner for Two at Alfredo, Petach Tikva

2/16/2019 11:13:34 PM

Dinner for Two at Alfredo Restaurant, Petach Tikva

Upscale dairy restaurant in the lovely Ezorim industrial park.
The Ezorim high tech park reminds one of high tech before the fall. It is luxurious, elaborate, and even somewhat opulent, by Israeli standards.

Alfredo restaurant fits right into the beautiful high tech park. The restaurant interior is beautifully designed and the seating, both indoors and outdoors is comfortable and inviting.

There is an excellent selection of foods and everything that we ate was superb. The restaurant is very professionally run, and the service is outstanding. You will not wait forever for attention, your food will be what you ordered and the table will be cleaned between dishes.

All of this makes Alfredo a very lovely place to dine. Highly recommended. A must try, in the Petach Tikva area.

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The value of this auction is NIS 200

Alfredo Restaurant
Park Ezorim, Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikvah.
Tel: 03-923 0643
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva

Bid on a NIS 200 voucher at Alfredo Restaurant.

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NIS 90 
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NIS 90 
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NIS 10
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8/23/2018 9:00:00 PM 
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The Auction has ended

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