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10 King David Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-622 2312
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem, Mehuderet

Open Sunday - Thursday. Lunch: 1200 noon - 3:00pm. Dinner: 6:00 pm till 11:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat one hour after Shabbat. Friday available for private events. Closed Shabbat.

1868 Kosher Chef Restaurant

Revised January 2012
Private Rooms and Smachot at 1868
1868 Restaurant is located just steps away from the strip of Jerusalem elite hotels and the beautiful new Mamilla shopping center. The busy King David street, home to 1868 Restaurant, is just a short walk from the old city, Across the street from the modern hotels lies an inconspicuous ally, which opens into the magnificent 1868 Restaurant.

The year 1868 is a significant year for Jerusalem. In that year the first stones were laid outside of the Old City walls establishing of the new city of Jerusalem. The building that houses the restaurant was one of the first to be built outside the Old City walls. 1868 Restaurant, named for the year the building was erected, retains the charm of the old world structure while the dining experience is up to date and modern.

Choose 1868 when you want a romantic restaurant, a restaurant that is unique, special, a little bit pricier than the average Jerusalem restaurant, but there is nothing average about 1868. This is a serious high-end restaurant with all the things that you would expect. It starts with real cloth towels. the amuse bouche from the chef, the sorbet between courses, and a dessert that you won't find in any other restaurant. The atmosphere is striking and the food is exquisite. In case you need to be reminded, 1868 is the place to come to confirm that you are worth it.

The restaurant architecture is a wow. The dome ceilings and the arched doorways are uniquely middle eastern. The polished stone floors and the embedded decorative tiles, the ironwork on the doors, and the contrasting woodwork nod to the 21st century. Chandeliers and artwork create a feeling of refined hominess. Thick candles lit in clusters throughout the restaurant give 1868 a most romantic feeling, making this one of the very special restaurants in Jerusalem.

The restaurant is made up of several rooms that are intimate, pleasant and spacious enough to hold several tables. Some of the smaller rooms can be connected for larger groups. Some of the spaces have been revamped to improve this flexibility. You will feel comfortable dining with just your significant other or with your family or you can even make a party at 1868. i can promise you, it will be an event to remember.

1868 Restaurant Kosher Meat Menu

Still taking in the beautiful atmosphere, we were seated and given menus. I like to choose my main course first. Then I know which way to go for the appetizer. I decided on a fish main course and then a veggie appetizer. My companion is a meat man, always willing to have a meat appetizer followed by a meat main course. He came to the right place.

After the waitress took our orders she brought out a basket of scrumptious warm rolls and two yummy dips. These were rolls that were worth washing for. No need to hunt for the netilat yadayim sink at 1868. The sink, which is part of the decor, with style-appropriate mosaic decoration is at the entrance to the restaurant. No paper towels at this high end restaurant. Dry your hands on white rolled teri-cloth towels. Because you are worth it.

Appetizers at 1868 Restaurant

For his appetizer my companion enjoyed the Veal Tongue and Cheek which was served with root vegetables, pistachio, and tahina. While I was impressed with the presentation of this dish he was raving about the meat, which was soft, sweet, with flavors that complemented the vegetables. The Endive and Greens was a very nice salad with a delicious vinaigrette dressing. The sweet fruit and vinaigrette balanced the tartness of the endive. It was a nice mix of flavors.

Wine was offered throughout the meal. We would have loved to try some of the exotic offerings at 1868 but alas, we had a long drive home so we passed on the alcohol.

Main Courses at 1868 Restaurant

The main course should be the crescendo of the meal, But there are so many highlights at 1868 that I would not be able to point to any one of them as outdoing the other. For his main course my companion chose the 28 day aged entrecote steak served with bonfire baked potatoes, hot mustard sauce and bone marrow. You read that right. A dab of bone marrow is served alongside the main course.

I'll stick to the fruits of the sea thank you. So for her main this lady had a delicious fillet of sea bass served with lovely cooked vegetables. Couldn't have been better.

We didn't really need dessert after that luscious meal, but I am so glad that we did. Many high end restaurants have a signature dessert. French restaurants have their crepe suzettes flambe and 1868 has its chocolate soup. Like the burning crepes, the chocolate soup has its own ritual. A bowl of finely cubed fruit, berries, and crumbly cookies is delivered to the table. Then a pitcher of thick and rich hot soup-like chocolate is poured over the fruit in the bowl. Outrageous and decadent, but oh so good. One portion will do it for two people, though when you start eating it you will regret not having your own..

The restaurant offers a business lunch, but the special time is the evenings. 1868 is available for smachot of up to 65 guests during the early afternoon. With its close proximity to the Kotel (the Western Wall) and all the 5 star hotels it has become the “in” place to host a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party or Brit after prayer service at the Kotel. The restaurant has various party menus for different size groups and menus for children.

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