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Cup 'O' Joe
Ahuza 128, Ra'anana
at the inner court
Tel: 09-7400056

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana
Cup 'O' Joe website

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00am - 12:00 midnight. Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm. and Motzei Shabbat from 8:30pm. Closed Shabbat.

July 04
Cup 'O' Joe cafe restaurant (or "Cafe Joe" as they say in the vernacular) is a lovely dairyrestaurant in the heart of Ra'anana serving good dairy foods and outstanding coffee.

This restaurant is one in the chain of Cafe Joe restaurants throughout Israel. Not all the restaurants have a teudat kashrut. The Ra'anana restaurant is under the hashgacha of the local rabbanut and is closed on Shabbat.

Getting There:
Cafe Joe is located in the small shopping center at the north-west corner of Bar Ilan and Ahuza Street, across from the Kupat Cholim Maccabi center. The restaurant does not face Ahuza Street. Thus the restaurant has a quiet and intimate ambiance even though it is in the heart of the city.

The best place to park in this newly busy part of the city, is in the underground parking lot. Enter the lot from west side of Bar Ilan Street and take the elevator to the ground level. Parking is NIS 5 per hour and Cafe Joe will pick up the first hour if you ask for a parking slip.

Cafe Joe is new and spiffy with a beautiful bar and counter and very comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area has tables of different sizes, inviting chairs and banquets. The restaurant is bright and pleasant and it is a welcome place to dine. The decor is dominated by an impressive full-wall coffee grinding machine and a collection of coffee beans just waiting to be ground, packed and taken home. At Cafe Joe you can enjoy a range of foods from just a drink to a full dairy meal. The restaurant does a very nice job with the usual selection of dairy fare. Platters are generous, meals are very nicely presented, the food is tasty and the service is excellent.

Menus are available in both English and Hebrew. There is a nice selection, but not so overwhelming that it takes forever to decide. Whatever you choose, don't miss the absolutely delicious coffee. This is a real treat at this restaurant.

The service at Cafe Joe is noteworthy. The staff is trained and professional. Hospitality is the operative word, and it is service with a smile.

A friend and I enjoyed a lovely mid-day lunch at Cafe Joe. The restaurant was busy but not packed and we found a very comfortable table for two in a good location inside the restaurant. The air conditioning was purring at just the right temperature, the decibels were bearable, and we were quite comfortable.

The waitress greeted us at the door and helped us find appropriate seating. She suggested the English language menus, which were welcome. Both my companion and I chose sandwiches for lunch. The platters, which arrived together, within a very reasonable amount of time, were nicely presented and came with a healthy portion of salad and dressing.

Somewhere in the middle of the first half of her sandwich, my companion realized that the cheese, which was listed on the menu, was missing. Mentioning this, the waitress immediately suggested that she take the plate and make the correction. We were both surprised when out came a totally new sandwich, this time with the cheese, as advertised.

Sitting at the restaurant was so pleasant that we decided to dally over a cup of coffee and dessert.
"What's for dessert?" we asked, and the waitress recited a list that could have been a separate menu. We decided to share one piece of cheesecake which turned out to be super creamy and delicious, and great with the cafe hafuch.

The bill for two sandwiches, two coffees and one piece of cake came to NIS 110, a price we thought quite reasonable.

Everything on the restaurant menu can be ordered for take-out. You can also take home bags of freshly ground coffee. The super-duper machine will remember your choice of blend and when you return you won't have to think what it was that you bought last time.

eLuna gives this restaurant a "10" on the Richter scale. Come see for yourself.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
Pat on the Raanana List: Date: July 2004. Description: I had the pleasure of visiting the new Cafe Joe today, situated at 128 Ahuza Street (Corner of Bar Ilan). The coffee shop/restaurant is large and beautifully decorated inside and since it is situated in the courtyard the tables outside are delightful (away from the street) and therefore safe for children.

There are lots of new innovations .. They bake wonderful focaccia bread in-house in their taboon and it is served with a great selection of spreads (try their breakfast - Italian Style). They have a big selection of salads, kiches, pastas and lots more and everything which you see on the menu can be ordered to take home i.e. breads, cheeses, kiches, cakes, biscuits and most important of all.....Choose from a marvellous selection of coffee blends not to mention that their Iced Coffee Drink was just voted number one in Israel according to the latest poll.

Ask about the new KDS computerised coffee machine to order your ground coffee to take home (according to your own personal taste). Cafe Joe is kosher and is most definitely worth a visit and is open from 8a.m. until late.

Submitted by: Renee H., Date: June 28, 2004, Description: Our extended family of 11 people went to Cup O' Joe's last night to celebrate my nephew's graduation. To let you know we were all very happy with the decor, food and service.

Everything we ate, was served beautifully, plentifully and tasty (we took some doggy bags home!): Foccacia with 8 side toppings, Foccacia with mozzarella and tomato - like a pizza, soups, salads, sweet potato quiche w/salad, wraps, sandwiches, chocolate delight and brownies for dessert. Coffees: various kinds, filtered caffenatied and de-caffenatied- all great!

We sat inside and they arranged several square tables together for our large group. The waitress spoke English and Hebrew. They have English menus as well (and it looks like there are NO TYPOS !!!!)

There are 6+ round tables to sit outside in the plaza area (smoking permitted there).

Plus there is coffee to go in bags. You could have had wine with dinner also.

All in all a place we will frequent again!

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