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Grill Meat Restaurant

1 Yuval Yaniv, Kiryat Shmoneh
Tel: 04-690 2330, 053 938 0498

Kashrut: Rabbanut Kiryat Shmoneh

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon- 11:00 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

December 2018
Amigos Grill Restaurant takes the place of the iconic Esh Besh Restaurant in Kiryat Shmoneh. The new Amigos will continue to satisfy your meat-tooth, with a full menu of grilled meats. This is a warm, intimate family restaurant for everyone from the youngest members of your party to the seniors. We love the new clean design, the large open balcony where diners can take in the fresh air and the views of the north. Amigos in on a spacious property with palm trees and wide lawn. The restaurant is run by family members so service is not just a word. Some evenings are made festive with live music.

You find this restaurant by the aroma of the meat on the coals. At Amigos all the meats are prepared on the grill and all the dishes have the aroma of the coals, the spices, and the fragrance of Northern Israel. Follow your nose. No address necessary.

The Amigos Menu
Amigos offers a classic grill menu that raises the "steakiya" to new heights. Before you indulge in the meats, whet your appetite on the salads - all made fresh day after day. Start your meal with classic salads: humus, eggplant in techina, felafle balls, and fresh cut salad. Or go up a notch with meat-filled cigars, tempura cauliflower, or chicken wings in chili sauce.

I know why they call this restaurant Amigos. This is because you will want to have your dinner with friends and share some of the great grill platters. Two, four or six diners can share 1 kilo, 2 kilo or 3 kilo platters of assorted meats. The mix includes ribs, entrecote, pargit, liver, veal kebabs, lamb chops, schnitzel (coated Chicken Breast), Entrecote steak. The price works out to about NIS 100 per person, and a bit less the more people sharing.

What's a meat restaurant without burgers?
No shortage of burgers at Amigos. Burgers are comfortably priced from NIS 49 for a 180 gram burger, but you'll have to add a fee for topping. Not a bad system because you'll get only the toppings that you want. Fried onion, sunny side up egg, Portobelo mushrooms, or onion spread.

Among the burgers listed, was a veggie burger, the only nod to non-meat eaters on the list of main courses. For kids there is a schnitzel/burger platter with chips. Ask the waiter, it says on the menu, about desserts. Be sure to do that, because although you might have come for the meat, don't leave without something sweet.


Karlesburg and Heinekin beers on tap and in bottles. Wine produced at the Amigos family boutique winery.
Take Away
: burgers with toppings delivered in Kiryat Shmoneh.

Events @ Amigos Amigos is one of the special places to hold a private or business event in the north. The great menu, the amazing terrace, the professional staff and the magical atmosphere make Amigos a favorite place for events of up to 140 people (+70 on the terrace).

From the menu: Chicken wings NIS 34/46 for 8/16. .eggplant in techina NIS 36, meat-filled cigars NIS 35, tempura cauliflower NIS 35. Grill platters for two NIS 190, four NIS 360 or six diners NIS 520. Burgers 180 gr NIS 49. 280 gr NIS 65 - NIS 89. Veggie burger NIS 49. Kids platter NIS 49.

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