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Kosher Chef Restaurant
Moshav Netiv Hashayara, Nahariya area
(south and east of Nahariya)
Tel: 04-9522211

Kashrut: Rabbanut Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 11:00 pm. Friday 12:00 noon till 4:00 pm. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

July 2014
Arnolds Revisited
Arnold's restaurant in the Nahariya area deserves to be revisited more often than every few years. Arnold's is a marvelous restaurant. It is a find in the north, but it would be considered a great restaurant anywhere in the country. If you are anywhere near Nahariya - staying there or just passing through, Arnold's is a restaurant that you do not want to miss.

We were careful to have reservations for the evening because we were in the north for just a couple of days, and we wanted to make sure that the restaurant could receive us during our stay. Sometimes restaurants host events and are closed to the public. It is important to have a reservation. We arrived at 8:30pm which was a bit late to start dinner at this restaurant.

When we arrived the restaurant was nearly full. There is seating on an indoor porch and inside a lovely rustic building. We were guided to one of the few available tables. The menu, with descriptions of the foods and photos, is presented on an electronic tablet. Then you really know what to expect. How 21st century is that!

Our waiter was attentive and helpful and the restaurant was considerate about allowing one of us a full meal and the other, just a main course. We shared a nice selection of salad starters, some new to us. We especially liked the bean salad and the eggplant cream, an upside interpretation of the standard grilled eggplant dish. These were served with delicious focaccia.

The first two main courses that my companion chose were not available. His third choice was hot sausages served in a pan, which my companion found a bit salty. The waiter politely suggested that he bring something in stead, but there was no need. My companion liked the dish well enough. I had a lovely platter of salmon steak, green beans and small potatoes. The salmon was just as I like it. The portions were generous and we were more than satisfied.

It was not easy, but because of the hour we passed on the lovely looking desserts. The couple next to us were treated to an extra dessert on the house. As I mentioned, the restaurant is very generous and welcoming.

Everything about this dining experience was excellent. The service was polite, attentive and professional. The dishes were beautifully presented and the paceing of the dishes was good, till about 10:00 when the waiters started to fold up the tablecloths and set the tables for the next day. Oh well. It would be best to arrive a bit earlier than 8:30.

This write up is by Fredi Engelberg [
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July 2008
About Arnold's Restaurant
Arnold's is a country bistro in the Western Galilee, not far from Nahariya. Had you stumbled on this restaurant on your own (by some kind of amazing luck) and not seen it on eLuna, you would consider it one of those great country finds off the beaten track. Arnold's has such a good reputation in the North that people are beating there way there on their own.

Arnold's is located on Moshav Netiv Hashayara. There are no less than 20 zimmers (B&B) on the Moshav. And if you happen to be in a zimmer in Liman, Goren, Shavei Tzion, or anywhere else in the neighborhood, here is a restaurant for you. For those of you in the center of the country, a two hour drive for a day out in the country, topped by a gourmet meal, is not to far to travel.

Set in a rustic country inn, Arnold's can be both romantic, but also a family restaurant. There is a grassy area with toys, for kids to run loose.

Arnold's offers a classic bistro menu with Galilean tweaks. So while in Provence, you may not find green techina or silan (date syrup) on the menu, here these foods live comfortably with pate and carpaccio.

Only a restaurant with real confidence and pride in their meals offers a tasting menu. Usually a tasting menu will include 2-3 entrees, 2-3 main courses and two desserts. The tasting menu at Arnold's was, very generously, everything on the menu till you say ENOUGH!

Together with my partner in gluttony, we downed 4 appetizers, 5 different main courses and three desserts! Note, that had it been humanly possible to eat more, we could have continued. But as my dear F.I.L. always said, enough is as good as a feast.

We started the meal with delicious crusty bread baked on stones. It was accompanied by four different spreads. As good as it was, one shouldn't fill up on bread, though I daresay, I didn't follow my own advice. We also had a simple green salad, but prepared to perfection.

And then began the parade of dishes! Firstly we had the most tasty beef enchilada we have ever tasted. It was simple peasant food, but here all the ingredients were the best. The hand chopped meat was exactly the right texture and the spicing was perfect for our subdued tastes. Next we had kebabs made from young lamb, served with green techina. Again the meat was perfect, no fat and sublimely spiced. Then came a veggie option: mushrooms stuffed with tofu in a (parve) cheesy-like sauce on a bed of tomato salsa. Our waitress inquired as to whether we would like to taste any other entrees. I couldn't pass up the house pate, as this is the gold standard for comparisons at bistros. The pate was more gehacte leber, but, hey, that is also okay! At this stage, the coconut sorbet was very refreshing!

We could have said Dayenu at that point, but the meal hadn't really started! We continued with Fois Gras (goose liver on toast). It was melt in the mouth good and a real treat. Our second main course was a mild chicken curry cooked in coconut milk served in a poyke. It was not at all spicy served with rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes as sides. Then came veal spare ribs. These alone would have been worth the trip up North, as I only know of one or two other restaurants that have this on the menu. They were tender and fell off the bones. Our fourth main was lamb osso bucco cut from the hindquarter. Yes, you read correctly. I asked twice to clarify. This too, was worth the trip up North.

Lest you think we were finished, the charming sous chef, Mor, asked if there was anything else from the menu that we would like to have. We felt it was our duty to taste the aged steak, so we ordered one skewer of entrecote, sirloin and tenderloin. Its hard to cook all three on one skewer and get them all right, but they were tender, if not slightly overdone.

One of my mantras is always leave room for dessert. Again, I didn't follow my own advice. Bursting at the seams, we had more sorbet to clear the palat, an obligatory chocolate pie and a real crème Brule.

While we had the tasting menu, you may be very satisfied with just the House Menu, which includes home baked bread, tapas, entrée and main course for a very reasonable 119sh. You can always order a la carte with entrees ranging from 32-38sh and main courses from 68-98 sh.

Arnold's is our choices for fine Galilean eating and hospitality. We will be returning again, as we spend a lot of time up North. Next time, though, we will not have to taste everything!

Netiv Hashayara is three kilometers south of Tzomet Kabri that is five kilometers from Nahariya. If coming from the center, it is on road #70, 10 kilometers from Tzomet Yassif. The best part of the journey is getting there, and as an extra bonus, time your arrival for sunset.

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