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BAR B QUE Restaurant
8 Hamenofim St, Herzlia
Tel: 09-744 5097
Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia
Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon - 11:00pm. Dinner from 7pm


October 2017
Nobody knows meat like Australians, and BAR B QUE, as the name implies, is a meaty meat restaurant inspired by Australian chef and restaurateur Jason Frank. This is a restaurant for people who enjoy tasty meat. Jason is a reformed vegan who now appreciates his meat, and so will you.

The meat at BAR B QUE, is cooked using different methods from grill, Sous vide (French for “under vacuum”) and smoked. Meats are hand-picked from the best suppliers and chicken is antibiotic free. Chef Jason brings his favorite cooking methods to Israel from his home in Australia. The smoked chicken is the style that he loved at the corner restaurant on the street where he grew up. The Sausage plate is Australian style, unique in Israel. Foods are made with love and only the best and freshest produce.

BAR B QUE's calling card is the meat prepared using the sous vide process. In this process the meat is slow cooked in a sturdy vacuum-sealed pouch in a water bath that steams (or poached) the meat at a low temperature. The meat cooks evenly, both inside and outside, retaining the moisture without overcooking the outside.

Whatever Jason may think, the Australians did not invent this cooking method. Sous vide was first used in the 1800's but only became popular in the mid-1960s as a way of preserving foods. Chefs got on to the amazing results and the rest is history.

Currently there are no fish or vegetarian dishes on the menu, but the restaurant is working on adding some. Meanwhile,the kitchen offers non meat eaters baked yams and a garden salad, both off-menu.

eLuna's Visit to BAR B QUE Restaurant

BAR B QUE is located in a courtyard of restaurants in the Herzlia Pituach tech park. There is street parking and underground parking in a lot that charges 10 shekels for the evening. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The decor is pleasantly rustic and informal. The menu is in both Hebrew and English, and is also displayed on a blackboard inside the restaurant.

Every main course on the BAR B QUE menu is a meat dish. The menu begins with a choice of barbeque dishes, but the meat of the matter, so to speak, is in the unique and original Meat Trays.

Meat trays are a variety of meat served on a tray with roasted vegetables and a side of potatoes. There are five tray types on the menu, named for locations in Australia. The Adelaide, the meat tray that I chose, included pulled beef, sous-vide beef shoulder and barbecued chicken wings. The meat alone makes a large portion, but the tray also includes a small Panzanella salad, pickles, chimichurri, mayonnaise and garlic aioli, and a few slices of toasted baguette. A generous portion of French fries, my choice over mashed potatoes, were served in a separate container, The tray and its variety is a generous and enticing main course. It is very unique and quite a change from the usual fare.

Pulled beef is beef that has been slow cooked with sweet and herb flavors, and a mild barbecue taste. The meat is then shredded and served in a crispy pile. Front and center on the tray were four slices of soft, tasty sous-vide beef, perfectly cooked to medium-well, with a slightly sweet flavor. The beef went well with the slices of toast.

On the other side of the tray were several barbequed chicken wings. All these meats went well with the Panzanella salad, mini-Gherkin pickles and chunks of cooked beets.

BAR B QUE has a nice wine menu, but when I think of barbequed meat, I get an urge for beer. I was pleasantly surprised by the list of boutique Israeli beers from all over the country. There is also Carlsberg on tap. I chose the Negev white ale, a refreshing cold drink that went well with my Adelaide. The Adelaide tray is a good value, providing a lot of unusual and tasty meat with side dishes. It might be enough for two people to share, but not if you come with a large appetite, since there are no starters.

BAR B QUE has two deserts, a Snickers desert and a Pavlova, which was recommended. This dessert was a nice combination of sweet meringue and cream, and tart berries. This generous dessert was served on the characteristic tray.

Note: The restaurant offers small portion sizes for children.

About Chef Jason

Jason was born in South Africa and moved to Australia at the age of 10. "I have always loved cooking from a young age. After cooking school and working in great restaurants in Sydney, I decided to make aliyah and started working here in restaurants and catering. Finally, after seven years i opened my restaurant in Herzlia. "

There is both indoor and outdoor seating, Decore is informal and relaxed. By the time we left, all of the indoor seats and half of the outdoor seats were occupied. Reservations are advised.

From the Menu: : Unique Meat Trays – choose 100g plus for a smorgasbord of meats on a tray (NIS 12-58 per 100g). Children portions NIS 55-59. Salads NIS 40 – 42. SPECIALS: * Free entrée/cocktail for order of 400g meat per person.

From Our Readers:
Submitted By: Rosanne S., Date: December 2017. Description: All was fine on [our visit] Thursday evening.  Service was friendly and all clean  We had dinner with our daughter and son in law four in all.  Everyone happy with their food. 

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