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Fish Restaurant
87 Hardof Street, Atlit
Tel: 04-9842273
Kashrut: Meat, Mehadrin, Rabbanut Haifa

Open Sunday - Thursday 12:00 noon till 12:00 midnight. Friday: 12:00 noon till one hour before Shabbat. Saturday night till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

Ben Ezra Fish has moved to a new and beautiful location. Still in Atlit, they have opened a new beautiful building that takes their family business to a new level. The restaurant still retains the elements that has made them famous only now they can do it with the utmost style. Ben-Ezra now features, private rooms, parking, handicap access, and even wireless internet.

About the Ben Ezra Kosher Fish Menu

Who doesn't know about Ben-Ezra Fish Restaurant? This Atlit restaurant has been around for 35 years. It was established by Jacob Ben-Ezra, who immigrated from Morocco and was actually a fisherman who later opened a restaurant. His ten children work in this and the Haifa restaurant.

"You have to know fish to run a good fish restaurant" says Shlomi, the son of the founder and the current manager of both the Atlit and the Haifa restaurants. Indeed the Ben-Ezra family tradition combining the fishing and restaurant business has expanded to include many more family members and continues to the next generation of Ben-Ezras.

I got on to this restaurant when friends said that whenever they find themselves within a 30 kilometer distance of this restaurant, they make sure to go there. This must be a good restaurant for eLuna, so we set out for Haifa.

The original and popular Ben-Ezra restaurant is located in Atlit, just south of Haifa. They have also opened a restaurant in Bnei Brak which serves fish and meat. The decor of the restaurant tells the story of the Ben-Ezra family in photographs of family members hard at work in the fishing industry. There are older black and white photos and more recent color pictures of the founding father and the many family members. Tables are glass covered with tablecloths under the glass. The menu is also displayed under the glass, which is actually very efficient. You don't have to wait for a menu to make its way to your table before choosing your meal and the menu stays clean under the glass.

Fish dishes range from NIS 60 - 75 and are served with salads and chips. There are also non-fish options such as Melauach and egg omelet at NIS 30-35. Not on the menu but also available (in Haifa only) are some meat options, such as schnitzel, chicken breast and kebab. The salads alone can be had any time of the day for NIS 15.

When we were comfortably settled the waitress brought out a very complete selection of about 15 salads and warm pitot. These are not the standard familiar salads - but are Moroccan style salads. Some were very spicy but not all, and there was something for everyone. Our fish main dishes were served on large platters with vegetables. Your fish can either be fried or grilled, and our grilled St. Peters fish (Musht) with a garlic sauce was quite tasty.

Keep this restaurant in mind when you are in Haifa. Kosher restaurants do not abound in this town, and this is a good one to know about. When you go please be sure to send our regards to Shlomi.

Groups of 10 or more should reserve places in advance.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
BEHyman, Date: May 05, Description: Thank you for directing us to Ben-Ezra's fish restaurant. We initially went to Ben Ezra in the Castra Center, Haifa, only to find that it has closed. Fortunately, we persisted and went straight to the original Ben-Ezra in Atalit a few miles south of Haifa. Besides the absolutely fresh and tastefully prepared fish, we greatly enjoyed the large numbers of unique and tasty complimentary salads placed in front of us, the excellent and friendly service, and the country atmosphere. Highly recommended! Submitted by: Bea Kriger. Date: October 30, 2001, Description: The restaurant is decorated with some family pictures and the decor is nice enough. The tables are nice wood affairs. The service was great, the portions HUGE, and we enjoyed ourselves very much. They even took my eLuna coupon without question, even tho we had the business lunch--which was a terrific bargain. I highly recommend it (and the Castra center where it's now located, which is a very interesting mall of Arts).

The Atlit Restaurant:
71 Hazayit Street

The original famous Ben-Ezra Fish restaurant is located in Atlit, just south of Haifa.

This restaurant is over 35 years old and is frequented by those in the know and by celebrities throughout Israel. Here is a map showing how to get to the restaurant.

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