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Benny's Fish Restaurant

16 King George Street, Jerusalem
Kashrut: Mehadrin, Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Open Sunday - Thursday, 12:00 Noon till 5:00PM, then from 6:00PM till Midnight. Open one hour after Shabbat till Midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat

Revised June 2013

You surely remember Benny Dagim (fish) when it was on Rehov Mesilat Yesharim, downtown Jerusalem. This landmark has been torn down in favor or a big apartment building, and Benny Dagim restaurant has moved to a location around the corner.

Benny Dagim is now located on King George Street, next to the Mashbir Department Store in a small inlet on the ground level under a bank. There is convenient parking in the pay lot next to Lev Yerushalayim. Approach from the street behind.

Ambiance & Seating
Benny Dagim is Jerusalem's oldest fish restaurant. It was established 35 years ago by Benny Rosenzweig, a third generation Jerusalemite, whose father and grandfather were already prominent in the fish business. Benny also owns several large fish stores in Mahane Yehuda.

The restaurant in its new location retains its nautical decor and features a display of old sailing ships, a beautiful aquarium with different kinds of attractive fish, and walls decorated with many memorabilia and artwork of bygone days of the sea and sailing. Despite its location in the busiest area of the city, the restaurant is so well insulated that it is very quiet inside.

The atmosphere is informal, intimate and very friendly. Upon entering you are greeted by Eli, who has been headwaiter at Benny's Fish Restaurant for 27 years. He knows most of the regular customers personally, and he gives his total attention to make you feel comfortable and to serve you with his smile and careful attention.

There are many appetizers, consisting of 9 different kinds of salads, plus humus, eggplant with yogurt, and many other delicacies. The pita served is a specialty, especially the ones toasted with a bit of oil and crunchy.

Soup, although not a specialty here, is always available, with at least two choices.

The main course is fish and the variety is endless. St. Peter's, Dover Sole, Trout, Grouper, Curry, Mullet and drum fish plus "kosher shrimp" are each served and prepared in many alternative ways: both fillet and whole, with all types of sauces, to suit every kind of taste. All fish is brought in fresh daily, and prepared most deliciously and individually for each diner. Each main course is accompanied by either baked potato or french fries, plus Israeli salad.

Before dessert, each guest receives a Freshette - a little wet napkin to clean the hands. The dessert choices are Bavarian cream, Caramel Cream, Chocolate mousse or fresh fruit.

Coffee or tea ends a satisfying and beautiful evening at Benny's.

Despite the upscale quality of the food, the prices are reasonable. The best bargain is the business lunch, served from Noon to 5:00PM. (Sorry. The eLuna discount coupon does not apply to the business lunch.) The best way to judge Benny's Fish Restaurant is by the fact that a majority of its many customers have been coming back again and again for many years.

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