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Cafe Hamoshava
Bitan Ha'uga
Hameyasdim St., Midrachov Zichron Yaakov
Tel: 04-639 9003

Kashrut: Rabbanut Zichron Yaakov

Open Sunday - Thursday 6:00 am till 12:00 midnight. Friday till 4:00pm, After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Mandy Gaziel []
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We were lucky enough to spend the day in the delightful city of Zichron Yaakov during Chol Ha'moed Pesach. We so enjoyed driving through the streets and looking at the beautiful houses (reminded me somewhat of my birthland South Africa), but our nagging stomachs reminded us that we should try to find somewhere Kosher to eat lunch.

We ended up on the Midrachov, a lovely closed off pedestrian mall full of non-Kosher restaurants and swarming with people. We were pleased (and relieved) to see a nice looking restaurant with an original Kashrut certificate in the window. We sat at an outside table under some umbrellas. The place was packed and the many tables outside were full. My initial impression of the interior was that it looked like a small restaurant with a big name, when I took my daughter to the toilet and we had to walk through the inside rooms, I was amazed at how large it was (and delighted with the incredible smell of roasted coffee).

Back to our table outside. Since it was Pesach they had a special menu so I didn't see their regular menu which they use during the year.

My husband and daughter both ordered the breakfast meal (note it was already 3.00 in the afternoon). This included eggs (you could order either omelette, scrambled or fried), cheese and salad. We were very pleased with the large portion of egg and an equally large portion of salad Israeli style - with tomatoes, cucumbers and greenpeppers. In addition, we received 3 types of cheeses - sliced yellow cheese (tasted like Gilboa), hard white cheese (probably Tzarfati - definitely not Bulgarian), and a large helping of cream cheese. We also received a plate of matza. The breakfast meal cost 35 Shekels, definitely a reasonable price for what we received.

I ordered a broccoli pie which was truly delectable. The generous serving contained a thin crust at the bottom (with that unmistakable Pesach flavour), broccoli and egg filling with a deliciously hard crispy cheesy topping. It was undoubtedly one of the best pies I've ever eaten. The pie came with a large serving of salad (same as mentioned above) and cost 30 Shekels.

We were too full for desert but noted that they had delicious looking cakes and different types of coffees and milkshakes.

We were very happy with our meal. The portions were generous, the price reasonable, but mostly we enjoyed the festive, merry atmosphere of the Midrachov on a lovely spring day in Chol Ha'moed Pesach.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
Noreen Firestone, Date: 22 December 2002, Description: shalom - ate today at Bitan Hauga and must say it was delightful; spotless; good service; good food and price ok. I was on a tiyul from Karmiel and would certainly recommend this place to my friends. Thanks

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