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Broadway Bagel Cafe
Castra Center, Haifa
Tel. 04-834 5353, 04-834 2000

Kashrut Rabbanut Haifa Dairy Restaurant

Open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00am till 5:30pm. Friday 9:00 am till 3:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

This write up was submitted by Flo Gabbin [].
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You guys in Jerusalem may not understand this, but in Haifa when a new kosher restaurant opens up, that's cause for a celebration. It's not that there aren't orthodox people here to support it, but there aren't as many tourists and restaurant goers as you have elsewhere in Israel. Soooo we are interested in having it stay open especially when it is a good restaurant as is the American Bagels restaurant in Mercaz Horev!

Our extended family wanted to go out for a real dinner - not to a fast food place in the mall. The name American Bagels made us wary, and were pleasantly surprised to learn that Broadway Bagel is a proper restaurant by all standards including Jerusalem!

This restaurant is outside the mall itself, and it is accessible from both the street and the mall. This makes for a true restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant is quite large and can seat up to 180 people comfortably. The decor is very nice, clean and modern. The service was excellent. As soon as we came in a high chair was brought for the junior member of our family, without even asking for one. Smaller portions may be ordered. Sharing plates is not frowned upon and when we finished our meal the waitress offered to package the leftovers (we didn't order the smaller portion!).

Being of Italian descent, I am very wary of ordering pasta from non Italians! I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Italian dishes. My son and I shared an excellent plate of delicious ravioli. Since the ravioli was such as success, and we had each only eaten half a portion, we decided to order something else, and we chose the chalumi. Out came a gigantic dish of fried cheeses and loads of nuts and if I recall correctly vegetables. While we were all quite full, everyone seemed happy to pick at the nuts on our chalumi and there were a lot of them. My daughter in law's tortellini were also delicious, despite the broccoli or spinach in it. I am not a vegetable lover and certainly not with my pasta. However, the taste was light enough so that it didn't overpower the pasta and turn it into some kind of Polish kugel! My nephew and his wife both had some kind of salad, which they enjoyed but could hardly finish as it was so large. We didn't have room for dessert, however the cakes looked scrumptious. Next time perhaps we'll start with dessert!

The prices are average for this type of establishment. The service and the food are excellent, but the restaurant must really do something about the acoustics, even though it was our group that was making most of the noise :-). They said that they are aware of this and someone from the Technion is working on solving the problem.

I almost forgot an important part- the parking. There is underground parking in the mall. The first hour is free and the next 2 hours are courtesy of the restaurant. Enjoy and don't forget to use your coupon and mention eLuna.

In Haifa our only guide to kosher restaurants is eLuna! We like to support kosher services, so don't forget to let the restaurant know that you came through the website.

Submitted by
: Joe Kalker Date: January 3, 2002 Description: Just wanted to thank you. I went to Haifa and according to your recommendation went for lunch to Broadway Bagel. It was excellent, inexpensive and the service was terrific. Had to pack up what we could not finish. They even offered a coupon for an extra hour of free parking without my asking for it. thanks loads.

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