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1 Ben Maimon St., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5665126
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim (dairy)

Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 am. till after midnight.
Friday: 7:30 am. till one hour before Shabbat.
One hour after Shabbat till after midnight. Closed Shabbat

Café De Paris

July 2014
This is what we like. A quiet comfortable café off the beaten path but close enough to the heart of things so that it is easy to get there. The restaurant should be a good varied menu and great food.

That describes Café de Paris to a tea. The restaurant is in the heart of Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood at the intersection of Ben Maimon and Gaza St, not far from Kikar Paris (Paris Square), and hence the name.

Kikar Paris is frequently called “Kings Square” because it is the location of The Kings Hotel. In the year 2007, celebrating 40 years of the unification of Jerusalem, the city of Paris donated a model of the Eiffel tower to be placed in the square. The model didn’t make it to the square, but the name stuck.
Cafe De Paris - Outdoors

Picking up on the theme, Café De Paris evokes the picturesque cafes in the City of Lights, with European décor and furnishings. There are a variety of seating areas, sofas, upholstered benches and arm chairs. Quiet, dimly lit corners and a stone fireplace add to the intimate atmosphere. At the heart of the café find an attractive bar, very popular in the evening, with its own tapas menu. There is a VIP room for special private events with a knights' table that can seat up to 12 guests.

One of our favorite aspects of this restaurant is the terrace, where you can enjoy Jerusalem's picturesque scenery.

About the Café De Paris Menu

Café De Paris offers a quality dairy menu, designed by the popular Jerusalem Chef Marcus Gershkovitz. You can count on Chef Marcus for creative and original dishes. Breakfasts have a unique character at Café De Paris. One example: Seared Brioche with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, chives and crème fraiche. Breakfasts are available throughout the day till 6pm.

Cafe De Paris - Breakfast Cafe De Paris - Salmon

There are a small number of really high end starters including a dish that we have only seen in one of the high end Tel Aviv restaurants: Asparagus served with a poached egg, tomato tartar and parmesan cheese.

There is a good selection of fish, pasta, quiche and a large variety of new and original sandwiches. For about 50 shekels you can get a nice salad. Several light dishes appear under the heading “Neither Here Nor There” such as zucchini filled with cheeses, eggplant moussaka with cheese and roasted tomatoes, eggplant with tahini and tomatoes, and more.

Cafe De Paris - Fish N' Chips Cafe De Paris - Blintzes

The amazing "Grand Café" sister restaurant patisserie provides Café De Paris with a wide range of high end cakes, desserts, petit fours, cookies in a kaleidoscope of colors and more. In fact on Fridays you can take home French baguettes, a selection of wines and Halot for Sabbath.

Breakfast: nis 46 – 98 for 2. Seared Brioche nis 56, Asparagus nis 32, Salads from nis 48 – 64. Fish chips & nis 68.

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