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Cafe Neto

18 Hasivim St., Petach Tikva
Tel. 03-923 3131

wheelchair friendly
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva Mehadrin

Open Sundays thru Thursdays from 7:30 am till 12:00 midnight.
Friday from 7:30 am till three hours before Shabbat.
Saturday night one hour after Shabbat till 1:00 am

There are but three branches of Cafe Neto in Israel with kosher certification. The Petach Tikva branch is kasher L'mehadrin. Cafe Neto Petach Tikva is graduating from a coffee shop to a full dairy restaurant. New dishes are added, including fish dishes, and a full menu of vegan dishes.

Cafe Neto in located in Kiryat Matalon, the Petach Tikva tech park. Close to the Geha junction, this is a convenient location away from the city traffic. Cafe Neto is one of several restaurants in this center, and in the evenings the place is hopping. There is plenty of parking in the evening, See Getting There below.

A lovely wooden deck wraps around the front of the restaurant, with comfortable and spacious covered seating. Folks who prefer the indoors can sit at nicely spaced tables. The atmosphere is clean, spacious, and very comfortable.

The Cafe Neto Menu

The Cafe Neto menu includes breakfasts, salads, toastim, sandwiches, quiches, and other dairy delights. The menu is continually expanding with new fish dishes and a full menu of vegan dishes. Vegan dishes are marked on the menu, and include vegan shawarma, a dish of wheat and black beans, Tofu in coconut milk, and several vegan breakfast options. There is a large selection of shakes and a variety of cold and hot drinks. While you are enjoying your healthy food, you get a great view of luscious-looking cakes displayed behind glass. Service is attentive without hovering.

From the menu: Polenta with mushrooms: NIS 24. caesar salad with salmon NIS 52. Pizza NIS 42. Fish dishes NIS 75.

Take Away
Cafe Neto offers trays of prepared foods for your parties and get-togethers. These are nicely arranged platters that are ready to serve. The restaurant delivers to the offices in the Matalon area, and will deliver platters to addresses in Petach Tikva and the area. Prices are so reasonable I doubt you could put them together yourself for the price.

Parties and Events:
The restaurant can host up to 60 guests on the porch. This is enclosed in the winter, and open in the summer.

Our visit to Cafe Neto. March 2017
Before we even got to the restaurant my companion was planning his meal. This is a mistake, because it does not leave you open to dishes that you did not expect to see on the menu. The new Cafe Neto menu has an insert with new menu items. We chose the polenta with mushrooms as a starter, and the Caesar Salad with salmon, both from the new Specials menu. As planned before our visit, my companion chose the pizza as well. This was a nice balance, and just the right amount of food to share between the two of us. As a starter, the small bowl of polenta was enough for a few spoon fulls for each of us. The cheesy pizza with a think crust was topped with sliced tomatoes. The salad was a nice fresh balance to the other carby dishes. Seasoned restaurateurs Sagy and Matan know their business and the dining experience was relaxed and pleasant.

An Earlier Visit to Cafe Neto Petach Tikva:
We were a party of three for lunch at Café Neto one weekday afternoon. We were very impressed by the spaciousness of the restaurant and the convenient parking. The service was prompt, polite, and helpful. The restaurant was very cooperative about Saba’s dietary restrictions, and the waiter patiently helped us choose one of the breakfasts that best suited his needs. My tuna & tomato toast, served with salad, was both delicious and aesthetically presented. The portion was very generous and quite filling. The sandwich that was delivered to the third member of our party was modest compared to the other two dishes, but nobody left the restaurant hungry.

These three dishes plus one and cold drinks for us all came to NIS 141 before the eLuna discount. We thought this very reasonable for the lunch for three of us.

Getting There:
From the Geha junction, proceed toward Petach Tikva. Hasivim Street and the entrance to Kiryat Matalon is the second traffic light on your right. The restaurant is a few hundred meters down on the right hand side of the street. Note that the restaurant is set back away from the street, behind the restaurant parking lot and a large well-kept garden. Wow. Can this be an industrial park?
Parking is free after 6pm. The restaurant will stamp your parking slip.

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