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14 Ahad Haam St, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-7460460
Kashrut: Rabanut Tel Aviv

wheelchair friendly

Open Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 am. - 10:00 pm. Friday till 5:00 pm. Closed Shabbat


November 2016
The folks who brought us the popular Goshen Restaurant, now bring us Canaan Bistro. Canaan is a big-city Tel Aviv restaurant on Ahad Haam Street near the Shalom Tower and Neve Tzedek. There are pay parking lots throughout the area.

Canaan has a beautiful modern decor. Tall windows, sleek black and white furnishings and wood and glass elements dominate the room, giving it a sky-scraper theme. An enclosed space in the front of the restaurant adds more seating. There is a separate private room for groups up to 30 diners. Canaan screams new, fresh and elegant. The well-trained staff reflect this as well. Canaan is the height of respectability.

award winning croissant

About the Canaan Menu

The Canaan menu offers a pleasant variety of meat and fish dishes. There is a nod to the Italian kitchen and to the Middle East and Moroccan cuisine. Like French cuisine, the dishes are accompanied by delightful sauces frequently balancing the flavor of the foods. Dishes are beautifully presented and some elegant and unexpected dishes that are unique at this restaurant.

The one-page menu in Hebrew and English offers starters and main courses. While perusing the menu we enjoyed the Moroccan style Frena focaccia served with olives, garlic confit, and my favorite burnt eggplant crème. What is it about a loaf of warm crusty bread? The loaf of Frena bread served with 4 spreads is a great way to start your meal. Netilat yadaim is at the front of the restaurant. No need to go up or down stairs.

For our first courses, we skirted the uncooked carpaccios and chose two dishes from the Italian kitchen. My companion chose the Ragout & Tomato Glaze Cannelloni. This dish, served in a large bowl, is a blintz-like pasta filled with meat and covered in a lovely tomato sauce. The restaurant insisted on giving us a taste of the kebab dish, the chef's point of pride. This dish is a beautifully presented mix of grilled kebabs, grilled onion and vegetables, and several pieces of Maakouda, Moroccan potato cakes, reminiscent of kugel. The Maakouda is set off by a delicious lemon cream.

But our favorite first course, and our recommendation, was the non-meat Tortellini Choux. The dish served in a large black bowl contained pasta florets in a delicious sauce of truffle and corn cream lightly flavored with pepper. This dish is available as a starter or as a main course. It was high up on our favorite dish ladder.

For the main course the restaurant offers a variety of meat and fish dishes. My companion went with the entrecote steak and I chose the salmon. After clearing the first courses, cleaning the table and swapping the silverware, two attractive plates with our main courses were delivered to our table. My Wild Salmon Fillet was a generous piece of salmon covered in a spicy sauce. The sauce had a bit more punch than my bland palate is accustomed to, but the salmon meat itself was well cooked and very tasty. The salmon was served with a sprig of broccoli in a yummy pumpkin crème sauce. With this the plate had a large portion of rice noodles a delicate version of the wheat pastas that we are accustomed to eating.

My companion chose the Aged Marbled Rib Eye Steak. The generous 300 gram entrecote steak had crisscross marks from the grill, always an encouraging sign. He ordered the steak cooked medium, but it came a bit well done, but not so much as to justify returning it. The steak was supported by a mound of mashed potatoes and a large bone. The bone had been sawed through diagonally to reveal a cavity filled with marrow, and a small spoon was provided to scoop out the marrow. We enjoyed our main dishes with the Market salad of roughly chopped vegetables, taken from the starter menu.

Dessert! As if we needed to eat another thing.
We tried to pass it up, but the restaurant was not hearing of it.
The waiter rattled off a list of enticing desserts, but I could not resist trying the sushi dessert. This platter was chocolate rings filled with vanilla ice cream and coconut sauce that looked just like a spread out sushi roll. The only resemblance was visual; it makes a humorous presentation for vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate. A very nice end to a great meal

From the Menu: Frena bread NIS 26.Ragout & tomato glaze cannelloni NIS 48. Kebab, tahini, antipasti, maakouda & lemon crème NIS 46. Tortellini choux, potato, truffle, corn crèmeNIS 46, Market salad, NIS 48. Wild salmon fillet, pumpkin crème, rice noodles nis 87. Aged marbled ribeye steak (300 gr) mashed potatoes NIS 130.

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