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Corky Wine Experience
18 Azza Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-940 8038
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim

Handicapped friendly

Open Sunday Thursday 6:00 pm till 11:00pm. One hour after Shabbat.
Closed Shabbat.

Corky Kosher Wine Bar

January 2018
Who remembers the bad old days when kosher red wine was sticky sweet kiddish wine?
How things have changed. These days the bracha Borey Pri Hagefen - the fruit of the vine - has new meaning.

The selection of kosher wines produced in Israel and abroad has expanded almost at the speed of technology. Israel has become one of the major players in the kosher wine world. New wines are coming out so quickly it is hard to keep up. Chances are that your favorite wine will be surpassed by new wines that you may not know.

The best way to keep up with developments in the kosher wine world is by visiting a good wine bar where you will be guided by experts and can taste a variety of wines. This is where Jerusalem's Corky Wine Bar comes in. Corky carries a great selection of wine for your enjoyment paired with light dairy dishes.

Evyatar is the energy behind the Corky undertaking. Here is a guy who knows his wines. Wine store owner by day, Evyatar manages Corky when it opens, after 6pm. He offers wine tastings, personal advise, wine workshops and group events by reservation. Stop by to taste the wine that Evyatar opens for tasting each day. For a flat fee you can taste a group of 6 wines.

Not only does Corky carry wines produced in Israel, but also the harder to find unique wines of Israel. Most Israeli wines are made of the strains of grapes transplanted in Israel from European wine regions. Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah grapes, for example, are grown in Israel for wine but are not indigenous grapes. These wines have a unique flavor created by the earth where they are grown, so these wines produced in Israel have their unique flavors.

In recent years some projects are on the way to revive the nearly extinct species of indigenous grapes used in biblical wine making thousands of years ago. Marawi is a white grape variety indigenous to the Land of Israel. This is documented in several places, and mentioned as one of the wine varieties available in Jerusalem in the 17th century. Several wineries - Gvaot and Riccanati - have released wines made from this grape. These are usually only available at high end restaurants or specialty shops Taste Marawi and Bittuni wines at Corky.

From the Media:
December 2017. Great food - Great service - Great wine! Perfect place for a tasty light dairy dinner accompanied by a great selection of wines to choose from. Staff is knowledgeable about the wine they recommend and they are super friendly. Highly recommended! Avi D.

November 2017. Went to corky's for a birthday celebration and everything was just so delicious! I love that the menu is constantly changing and the wines are on point. Definitely a must! Chava

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