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Korus Steak House
Center One, 43 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem

Kashrut: Meat, Glatt

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00am till 12:00midnight. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

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At Corus Al Ha'esh you will find a spacious seating area and a take-away area. Excellent prices and discounts for soldiers. Be sure to walk through the second door into the spacious dining area.

Al Ha'esh. Quick Hebrew lesson - 'Esh' means fire, and here, everything is cooked to perfection on the grill.

Corus Al Ha'esh offers a wonderfully huge selection with portions which will fill any hearty appetite (or two). Just the starters take up several pages on the menu. Traditional appetizers like soup (bean, veggie, beef - well, actually, 'regel' - you can do your own Hebrew research for that one!); salatim (salads) including 4 kinds humus, mushrooms, green salads, etc. Or you can go right for the real stuff - rice and beans, vegetarian skewers, french fries, wings or ribs in sauce, onion rings, etc.

Interestingly, Corus Al Ha'esh lists their fish dishes before their grilled meat dishes. And once you taste a piece of their fish, you'll know why. Tender, flaky, fresh and grilled just the way you like it. They offer trout, mullet or St. Peter's fish.

But don't worry, the grilled meats are fantastic. As I said, the portions are sizable. I wouldn't be surprised if when they opened, they had to go out to get bigger plates to hold all the food they bring to your table. You can choose from lamb ribs, kebabs, liver, hamburger, chicken, and Jerusalem's favorite: the Mixed Grill.

Corus Al Ha'esh "specials" are reasonably priced full course dinners featuring a grilled meat like steak, or liver (with onions, of course!), or wings. (I got full again just writing this review).

Customer Comments:
Aliza. Date: December 07. Comment: We visited this restaurant for its kashrut. Despite the fact that it was very busy and the ambience was frenetic, I can say that the chicken livers in carmelized soy sauce that I had was really good and the entrecote slivers on sauteed veggies that one of the other members of our party had was also good, though a little heavy on the peppers and light on the meat.  My cousin had the crispy shnitzel salad and she liked it alot, too. All these dishes were from the "new" menu, which is an insert to the regular menu with a few more-expensive dishes.  


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