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4 Luntz St., Midrachov, Jerusalem,
Tel: 02-624 2042

Kashrut: Rabbanurt Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:30am till 11:30pm. Friday till 2:00pm. Saturday night till 11:30pm. Closed Shabbat.

If you have been to Korusin, and are looking for a reason to head back, now is the time. racThe restaurant has retooled its menu to include new appetizers and courses, and in addition to that they have also added a specialty menu influenced by gourmet Chef Restaurants. So in other words, Korusin has now become a restaurant within a restaurant, and can truly boast a menu with something for everyone.

To start, the appetizers are all new. There are choices like Liver and Chestnuts, which is a good partnership of Eastern Europe and the West. There are also several salad choices. My wife and I chose the Salmon Sashimi, and the Spring Rolls. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy consisting of thin slices of very fresh raw fish. The word means ?pierced body? and comes from the Asian Practice of using the fish?s tail or fin as a garnish thereby making the type of fish being eaten more identifiable. The Salmon Sashimi came neatly arranged on a square plate drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce, and garnished with crunchy roasted peas (a popular snack in Japan). The fish was velvety and soft, and the combination of textures between the fish and the peas was surprising and delicious. The teriyaki sauce was also very good if a bit overpowering at times.

In addition to the Sashimi we ordered the Spring Rolls. These are the non fried variety, and come wrapped in a thin rice paper wrapping. They were filled with Tai noodles, carrot, cucumber, radish, pepper, and seasoned with a bit of spicy mayonnaise. I have one word to describe them: spectacular. The vegetables were crisp and fresh, and the wrapper was soft, almost like a thin noodle. The sauce added just the right touch of flavor so that I did not even need to use the Teriyaki sauce on the side. I would recommend to anyone visiting Korusin, to try the Spring Rolls. Just writing about them more makes me want to order up a batch. Simply excellent.rac

For our main courses I wanted to order from the incredibly detailed duck menu, but my wife reminded me that we were there to try the new menu. I took one for the team and had the entrecote, while she had the chicken steak. The chicken steak came with a side salad and mashed potatoes. My wife is a self-proclaimed mashed potato fiend so I was impressed when she devoured the creamy bowl of flavorful potatoes. The chicken was grilled and had great flavor. The salad was crisp and fresh. My steak was grilled nicely in a red wine sauce, garnished with a roasted garlic clove, and came with a round mound of rice. The flavor of the sauce was perfectly matched to the meat, and it was also very subtle. The sauce did not over power the steak in any way which was a huge plus for me.

For dessert, we split one of the new desserts because we were totally stuffed. The Pinapple Le?man came highly recommended, and it did not disappoint. This dessert consists of fresh pinapple cubes stir-fried with maple syrup, and poured over coconut ice cream. Outstanding. The service was excellent and, the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Check out the new menu at Korusin, and get reacquainted with an old friend.

August 06
Korusin restaurant on the midrachov is one of the new restaurants in this chain. This is an intimate restaurant with seating both indoors and outside.

The Menu:
The menu includes the standard Chinese fare, plus many more exotic Thai and Japanese dishes, including sushi. There is a nice selection of fish and vegetarian dishes, including tofu dishes. The portions are large and attractively presented.

For an appetizer we recommend the Kau lan soup. For a fee you can have the soup with a choice of meats – chicken, beef or duck. I chose the chicken, and asked that they go easy on the coriander, which they did. The yellow-brown broth was rich and delicious and not at all spicy to my taste. It was filled with crispy bean sprouts and lots of bite sized chunks of chicken. It was both filling and very pleasant. My companion had the fried eggplant, a dish of crisp battered chunks of eggplant in a sweet red sauce that gave it a mildly fruity flavor.

We both enjoyed our main courses. I chose a hot spicy dish with Beef Capaw, also a Chef's recommendation on the menu. This is a concoction of thin beef slices and Chinese vegetables in a brown sauce flavored with chili, mint and garlic, served with a side salad. My companion had the trout in garlic sauce. A large fried trout fillet was presented on a large plate. The fish was covered in garlic sauce and pieces of onion. There was also a small side salad.

Between courses the waiter brought wet had towels. We liked this little touch. After the large and filling meal the dessert was hardly necessary. We are not big dessert fans, but since it is included in the fixed price dinner, we tried the fried banana and fried pineapple with maple syrup. These are served on very large and nicely decorated dessert platters with whipped cream and fresh fruit wedges. The Chinese tea was refreshing and a perfect end to a good meal.

One can order a la carte, but if you are going to have anything more than an appetizer and a main, it certainly pays to take the full dinner deals: dinner for two or three or more. Dinner for two at NIS 95 per person includes soup, two egg rolls, a main course, Chinese tea and dessert. This is a significant savings and quite large meals. There are a few dishes, like my Kau Lan soup, that raise the price a bit, but I thought that they were worth the extra few shekels.

Childrens menu is available. There is a private room for up to 25 guests.

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