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Kosher Fish Restaurants in Israel

About Kosher Fish Restaurants
Fish is a staple food in Israel, with its long stretch of Mediterranean coastline, Lake Kinneret and the shores of Eilat. Indeed, Israel has a collection of excellent kosher fish restaurants. Many of these restaurants were founded by fishermen who found a way of selling their catch. Others were founded by excellent chefs who appreciate the high quality fresh fish available in Israel.
The following are some of the eLuna fish restaurants throughout Israel. We invite you to visit these excellent restaurants and enjoy the amazing things that can be done with fish, one of the country's great natural resources.
Be sure to take a discount coupon at each restaurant.

Olive & Fish

Olive & Fish

Ahavat Haiam , Paz Gas Station, Ben-Zvi Avenue, Opposite Saker Garden, Tel: 02-623 6767, Mehadrin
This popular restaurant is known for its terrific selection of fresh fish. The restaurant faces the Knesset and overlooks the valley. Enjoy delicious food and a great Jerusalem view, all in one.

Beit Hama'ayan, 148 Hama'ayan St., Ein Kerem. Tel: 02-6448840
Gorgeous refurbished Jerusalem historic home in the amazing Village of Ein Karem in Jerusalem. Beit Hama'ayan is a dairy restaurant. Enjoy delicious gourmet dairy fish and pasta dishes and outstanding dairy desserts in this marvelous setting.

Olive & Fish, 2 Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem, Tel: 02-566 5020
Sister restaurant to the popular Olive restaurant in the German Colony, this restaurant has its following. Enjoy specialty fish dishes at this restaurant, expertly prepared. An enjoyable experience for all, across from the Inbal Hotel.

Tel-Aviv/Ramat Gan
Derby Bar, 96 Igal Alon, Tel Aviv Tel: 03-5614545

Pleasant upmarket fish restaurant in Tel Aviv. Located in a great area in Tel Aviv, the restaurant serves a wonderfull array of fish, a few meat dishes, and some superb sushi. Dinners are served with sliced baked potatoes and the salads just keep coming.

Ben Ezra Fish, Atlit. Tel: 04-9842273, Mehadrin

Classic veteran restaurant started by a fisherman, continued by the next generation. You can't find fresher fish than at Ben Ezra. The fish just about jump out of the sea into the pan and on to your plate!

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