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5 Hamelachot, Yishpro Center, Modiin
Tel: 08-6618800
Kashrut: Rabbanut Modiin Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 8:00 am. - three hours before Shabbat..
Open one hour after Shabbat till 12:00 midnight. Closed Shabbat.

Greg Cafe, Modiin

May 2018
Greg Cafe started as a small coffee shop in Haifa. Now there are over 100 branches of Greg Cafe at key locations throughout the country. Not all of the branches are kosher and closed on Shabbat. Cafe Greg in Yishpro Center, Modiin is Kosher LMehadrin..

Greg Cafe Mamila Mall Jerusalem - Overview

eLuna Visits Cafe Greg, Yishpro. Modiin

Lunch anyone?
Greg in Yishpro was my granddaughter's choice after a morning of shopping with her savta to celebrate her 17th birthday. Many of the major clothing stores have branches in Modiin's Yishpro center, which is convenient for buying the latest fashions without having to leave the Modiin area. Yishpro is an easy-access strip mall reminiscent of American shopping. There is plenty of parking in easy reach of the shops.

"Shop till you drop" is a good description of a morning with the younger generation. After purging the racks we agreed to drop into comfortable chairs at Greg Cafe. This is a relaxed restaurant with modern design and seating both inside and outside. The menu has a good selection of dishes for both savta and the younger set. The birthday girl can allow herself pasta dishes with rich sauces, while Savta leans toward protein rich fish meals. The Greg menu has good choices for both of us. We could not resist one of their attractive starters and of course, we must end with a dessert.

Greg Cafe Mamila Mall Jerusalem - Fetuccini

We started with a shared order of Cheese Pastilla. This must be a signature dish at Greg, because it was a unique platter of fried dough rolls filled with Mozzarella, fete, and other cheeses, unions, mushrooms, flavored with parsley and cranberries, topped with techina and silan. Could not be better. One order for the two of us was just right as a starter.

The Cheese Ravioli dish from the Italioano menu had the young lady's name written all over it, even before she saw the menu. This is Ravioli stuffed with Riccota, Parmesan and basil, in a creamy mushroom sauce. My first choice for a main course was the fish & chips. I was sorry when the waitress apologized that they were out of stock.
But It is only lunchtime? what happens when people come for dinner?
But my granddaughter explained that in her after-school part time job at a retail establishment, they too run out of goods as there is no way to predict which items will run and which not. So I forgive them this time.

Instead I chose the lemon salmon dish. This was a full platter that included salmon baked in a stone oven with lemon and herbs on a bed of antipasti and served with a side salad. This was a very full meal, and more than I could eat, so I asked that they pack up the salad which I took home for Saba.

We topped it off with a delicious slice of pie which we shared. My granddaughter indulged me the butterscotch pie, my favorite, which was enough for two along with a cup of delicious Greg coffee and a lemonade for the lady.
The bill came to about NIS 250 but who is counting? A lovely lunch with my even lovelier granddaughter. Recommended.

Greg Cafe Mamila Mall Jerusalem - Outdoors Greg Cafe Mamila Mall Jerusalem - Indoors

About The Greg Cafe Menu

We love the variety of the Greg menu. There are the light meals, salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes and fish. We love the dessert and the excellent coffee. Vegetarians and vegans have very good choices. The long list of vegan options makes this cafe stand out from the crowd. There are the usual vegan shakshuka (no eggs please), avocado sandwiches, toastim, salads and roasted eggplant. Here's a clever surprise - chow mein made with rice noodles, a lot of different vegetables, onions, mushrooms, scallions, peanuts and hot Thai sauce. And then there are the veggie burgers and the veggie shawarma. How close are these to the real thing? The vegans will never know.

The Greg menu is varied and creative. The menu starts with a very delicious choice of breakfast dishes. The menu continues with salads, sandwiches, Italian dishes, lunch, vegan dishes, health drinks, wine, and alcohol. In addition to standard dairy dishes, Greg offers something special in each category. The menu also offers and a large number of vegan dishes. Asian dishes appear in various sections. We were pleased to find Pad Thai salmon and the vegan chow mein made with rice noodles.

The Italian menu offers a lot of what you would expect. There are the pastas and the ravioli. But in addition, Greg offers tortellini and cannelloni, two dishes that are seen much less frequently on Italian menus.

Visit this restaurant with friends for a special occasion - be it a birthday or another happy event. The staff will indulge you and your party, making your visit memorable.

From the menu: Cheese Pastilla NIS 39. Italiano Cheese Ravioli NIS 57. lemon salmon NIS 81. Salads: Sweet potato salad NIS 59. Halumi and mushroom salad NIS 63. Sandwiches: Mushroom or cheese tortilla NIS 49 and NIS 51. Tuna sandwich on a jabetta with vegetables NIS 46. Italian dishes: fettucini NIS 47, cannelloni 58. pizza NIS 46.
Lunch: whole wheat quiche NIS 49. stir-fried noodles NIS 56. fish & chips NIS 76. Pie NIS 37.

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