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Il Pentolino

Dairy Bagel Restaurant
112 Hatemarim Blvd., Eilat
Tel: 08-634 3430
Kashrut: Rabbanut Eilat

Open Sunday - Thursday, 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Friday till 3:00pm. Saturday night one hour after Shabbat till 12:00 midnight. Closed Shabbat.

The dairy il Pentolino restaurant comes highly recommended by eLuna clients. On your next trip to Eilat, when you have had enough of the heavy meat restaurants in the hotels (which are amazing!) enjoy a meal at il Pentolino. Lighter on the pocketbook for sure.

What will you have at il Pentolino restaurant? Dairy dishes of all types - from fast food to Italian pasta. All of them are listed on the back of a colorful glossy flyer.

About the Il Pentolino Kosher Dairy Menu

Start the day with a great big israeli breakfast. For only NIS 39 you get a table full of food, including eggs, bagels, salad, juice, etc. Breakfast is served till noon.

Any time of the day you can enjoy an il Pentolino pizza. These come in individual or family size and I count 14 different toppings, including extra cheese, tuna, salmon, eggplant, etc.

Top of the menu, are the il Pentolino home made out-of-this-world bagels. The menu describes them as " made in-house using a special recipe and cooking method." They aren't giving away any secrets over there.

You can buy the bagels individually or by the bag. You can have them as is, or made into sandwiches. There are 24 different fillings available for your bagel sandwich. Then there are bagel combos. These are bagel sandwiches with an education!

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The menu goes on to list salads, soup, pasta, baked potato and fish! The Pastas are very versatile. Build your own dish by selecting one of 11 styles of pasta, and choosing one of 20 different sauces. Looking for something to put on top? Il Pentolino offers another 20 toppings to spice up your pasta. Some of the sauces include; Pesto, Pesto Cream, Arrabiata, Salmon, Lemon, Alfredo and so much more.

We got on to this restaurant from an email sent to eLuna from one of our members. See below.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by:
Dani Z., Date: January 07. Thank you. You recommend great places.I would especially like to recommend the Italian/bagel restaurant in eilat.The food is top of the line. The service is pleasant. And anyone that misses a real New York bagel is going to be very happy when he gets there. Submitted by: pfreedman, Date: May 10/05, Description: This is a hidden treasure in Eilat. The food was excellent and the service was good. The restaurant had a very nice atmosphere and was clean. They had something for the adults and the children.

Submitted by: Allen Krasna, Date: February 2005, Description: The Dan Hotel's loss was our gain. Like the episode of Seinfeld, they were very good at TAKING a reservation not so good at HOLDING them. We had a family trip to Eilat (20 people including relatives from chul), and for dinner one night we made a reservation at the Chalavi restaurant at the Dan. This was great except that the Dan's Chalavi restaurant is only opened weekends (at least in January). Where my reservation went I have no idea. Well we walked around a lot, ended up at Herods, and there the concierge gave us a card for a new place - Il Pentolino restaurant. We needed about 5 cabs to get us there.

El Pantolino is a bit underwhelming when you get there. It looks like a pizza place; and the sitting area is sort of outdoors and the walls are just plastic. But don't be fooled this place could be one of the best Chalavi place in Israel. The size of our group was a bit large for the restaurant we took up well over 50% of the place but they did not flinch.

The menu was Pizzas, Pastas and fish they also have Toastim with their own homemade GREAT bagels. Since everything is made to order, you don't get your food right away. A mistake we made was to sit and look at menus and chat and then order etc. We should have walked in (and we had some younger kids) and said give us a few Pizza and Toastim ASAP and we will order the rest later. The kids got a bit hungry waiting.

Our group had a bit of everything. And it all was very fresh and very good. Each Pasta dish is served in its own skillet- and the portions are very large. I had Fetucci Alfredo, with Salmon and it was quite good. Usually in Israel the fish is very frozen tasting and the sauce overpowering - this was neither. The tomato sauces on pasta and raviolli were also good.

Pizzas are meant for one - but fine for 2 kids - and the bagel toasties were quite good. The people who ordered the fish said it was very fresh and spiced well.

Of course waitresses change often and it is no indication but our service was great and she dealt well with the size of the group, language issues and our needs and tight spacing issues.

We had a birthday boy in our party so I quietly asked the waitress to bring him something very "Showy" and out came some hot chocolate cake with cream and sparklers etc. it was great.

The deserts were good including the vanilla ice cream did not taste like any Israeli ice cream we had ever tasted.

Main Dishes were in the 30-40 shekel range (fish more) and the portions were very large. Don't ask me how or why but to buy just a bagel with nothing on it was all of 2 shekel per. So we took some home at the end of our evening.

The restaurant is a bit off the beaten track but it was a great find we strongly recommend it to all.

Submitted by: gmk, Date: February 2005, Description: What a great find in downtown Eilat. Fabulous dairy Italian food, in a family friendly environment. The pizzas, pastas, soups, fish and desert were all terrific. Fresh baked bagels and great service. Reasonable prices. Recently opened and not widely known as of yet. A great find!

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