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Kan Kai
Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen
Kibbutz Einat (near Rosh Haayin)
Kashrut: Rabbanut of the Southern Sharon

Hours: Open Sunday - Thursday 10:00am to 10:00pm. Fridays: 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Closed Shabbat.

January 2012
Kan Kai Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen is located at Kibbutz Einat, adjacent to the entrance to the Limonim Simcha hall. Turn into the main entrance to the Kibbutz and the hall, and with the simcha hall on your right, look for a dirt path on your left. Turn on to the dirt path and you will see the restaurant. Pull up right next to the restaurant. There is plenty of parking.

Kan Kai is a small and basic restaurant in a cabin-style structure. The indoors is rustic, with just a few tables, heated by a very good air conditioner. In the nice weather there is probably pleasant seating outdoors.

What this restaurant is lacking in atmosphere it makes up in food and in its very low prices. They do a very lively take away business with delivery in Rosh Haayin and the area. Just about everyone who eats at the restaurant leaves with a doggy bag of either left overs from their meal or additional items to eat at home. It is no wonder. The food is good and the price is right.

Kan Kai has a large menu with fixed items and with items that you can configure yourself. Want to add mushrooms to your sushi? Just say the word and for 2 shekels they will add mushrooms to most of the sushi types (though there are some that are fixed recipes and cannot be changed). Just about any vegetable that you can mention is available. Your choice.

While sushi is the order of the day other Asian dishes are available as well. Start with a bowl of piping hot miso or egg drop soup. Then dig into the plethora of sushi dishes, either maki or nigiri with many types of fish as your base. There are several rice based and noodle based stir fry dishes. There is a vegetarian, chicken, or meat, version of each dish, priced accordingly.

We visited Kan Kai on a cold wintry night - probably not the best time to get a good impression of this restaurant. We were the second table, but as we ate several other guests came in to order and take out or to eat at the restaurant.

Two woman at another table were sharing two large platters of delicious looking sushi. It looked so good that I asked for the same - something that I rarely do. As we ate a family with two children sat down. They must be frequent visitors because the children placed their order without looking at the menu.

My companion started with the Miso soup. It was hot and thick, which was just what he needed on the cold night. Then he went on with a chicken dish served on white rice. The dish was very generous and he reported, delicious. At sushi restaurants, I don't mess around with the soup, I go right for the sushi. I took at basic set of veggie inside-outs. Both of us enjoyed them with several different sauces. Then I chose a veggie dish on rice. After a short while I determined that this was not to my taste and I set it aside.

"Take another sushi order," my husband encouraged. At these prices you can do that. Considering this I asked for a different sushi type, this time with cooked salmon and sesame coating. Yum.

This no-frills restaurant is run by one person in the front taking customer orders and delivering the food to the tables. In addition she handles the take away orders on the phone. The food is prepared in the kitchen by an Oriental chef.

When we finally got our bill we were astounded that our full meal including an extra order of sushi came in under 150 shekels. This was well worth the price.

In short: Kan Kai brings varied, delicious, healthy, and reasonably-priced Asian food to your table. You can enjoy these foods at the restaurant or call for delivery in your area. You can also order platters for your simcha.

Kan Kai restaurant has another branch in Ramat Gan.

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