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at the Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem Hotel
Across from the Jerusalem Great Synagogue
47 King George Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-629-8691
Kashrut: Rabanut Jerusalem Dairy, Mehadrin

Sunday - Thursday: 5pm till last customer. Friday: 11:00am to 1 hour before Shabbat. Motzai Shabbat: 1 hour after Shabbat till last customer. Closed Shabbat.

March 2013

About La Primavera Restaurant

La Primavera is a fine European-class Mehadrin dairy Italian restaurant in the elegant Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem Hotel. The restaurant features gourmet foods specially prepared at the restaurant, a fine atmosphere and excellent service.

The restaurant is on the main floor of the hotel, near the lobby. A friendly receptionist greets you at the door and seats you without delay.

La Primavera exudes an elegant, carefully crafted, relaxed atmosphere. Designed with soft peach tones and wooden furniture, green plants are scattered around, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant is spaciously laid-out, with the tables positioned at a distance that preserves the diner privacy.

The La Primavera Restaurant menu

La Primavera offers so many delicious option that you'll want to return again and again to taste and savor every dish on the menu.

When you are seated you will immediately be served fresh-baked bread and butter. Real butter. This is a dairy restaurant. Then you can begin the tough decision of choosing an appetizer.

La Primavera specializes in home made pastas with luscious dairy sauces, fine fish dishes, and remarkable desserts. Starters include both cold salads, and hot dishes such as grilled veggies, fish, risotto, or crepes.

This is an Italian restaurant, so as you would expect, La Primavera offers a large selection of Pasta dishes. All of the pastas are made fresh at the restaurant, and cooked to perfection. Choose from Fusilli in Rose sauce or Fettuccine with salmon or by itself. Lasagna is also available. Then there is the great selection of fish entrees like bream, Dover sole, or red tuna. All of these dishes go really nicely with alcohol, and Aperitifs, an after meal drink, are an integral part of the menu and recommended

La Primavera desserts are especially tempting. Particularly unique is the green apple soup, that is an apple ravioli with yogurt mousse. Tiramisu, the Italian favorite is available as well as Pena Cotta.

We recommend La Primavera for lovely high end Italian dining experience.

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