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Litov Restaurant
43 Haneviim, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-5353824
Kashrut: Badatz Eida Charedit

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday:8:00 am. - 12:00 pm. Motzei Shabbat till 11:00pm Closed Shabbat .


June 2016
Litov is a dairy (mehadrin) restaurant in downtown Jerusalem. The restaurant is located in The Litov Jerusalem Boutique Hotel, on Haneviim Street, downtown Jerusalem. The restaurant offers a full menu from breakfast to light meals, and full pasta or fish dinners. Litov knows its customers, and offers a mix of classic Israeli dishes and traditional American "Jewish foods."

Taamon - Indoors

About The Litov Menu

Litov restaurant is under the baton of chef Udi Meiri. Chef Meiri comes to Litov from a long line of fine restaurants not on the kosher landscape. Litov gives the chef a canvas for presenting outstanding dairy dishes that comply with the highest kashrut supervision.

Just look at that list of breakfasts. You can get a great start with one of a dozen breakfasts served till 11:30am. There are the Israeli Shakshuka, omelets and salads breakfasts, and then there are the breakfasts with New York bagels, lox, french toast, and pancakes.

Starters include focaccia, grilled eggplant and fish carpaccio, along with herring and sour cream. Where have I seen that before?

If you have come out for a salad, you'll have your choice. Quinoa has become our favorite, with honey and mustard sauce.

Taamon - Terrace outdoors

For your main course choose a pasta with one of the many sauces. Litov thoughtfully offers whole wheat pasta as well. Rice dishes - risotto - is offered with mushrooms or salmon. Make it simple and go for a pizza ranging from the basic to the market pizza with all the toppings.

No, you have not finished reading the menu. Turn the page and see all the fish dishes. There is fish kebabs, whole fish, fillets and our favorite - fish & chips.

Taamon - Salad

Someone at Litov likes dessert. You are going to love these desserts too. Every one of them looks delicious - from the apple tart to the Cookilida with chocolate chip cookies, ice ream and hot chocolate sauce. Lets not forget the Mille-feuille filled puff pastry.

From the menu: Shakshuka: NIS 48, New York bagels lox NIS 44, French toast: NIS 29, pancakes: NIS 32, Focaccia NIS 28, Grilled Eggplant NIS 36,  Fish Carpaccio NIS 48, Herring and sour cream NIS 46,  Quinoa Salad NIS 66. Risotto Salmon: NIS 74, Pizza NIS 46 - 56, Fish kebabs: NIS 72, Whole fish: NIS 120, Fish & Chips: NIS 72, Cookilida and Mille-feuille: NIS 42.

From Our Readers

Submitted by: Phyllis K. Date: January 2018. Description: We gave them ONE voucher and were happy to have the  deduction.  We had a very special family dinner and the atmosphere in the restaurant is wonderful.  We were able to stay as long as we wanted and everyone enjoyed the event so much. Thank you for your help an encouraging review on your website.   Kol Tuv   Phyllis

Submitted by: d.levy Date: February 15, 2017. Description: This is a honest review of Litov where we ate on Tuesday night. We had ridden by the sparkling white building 3 times, not knowing what it was. When our grandson chose it because of its high standard of Kashrut and positive reports he had heard, we decided to give it a try. First they brought the yummiest bread with 3 spreads.  Then we ordered a neopolitana pizza from the Woodburning oven. Our entrees were all delicious. I had the tempura fish and chips with garlic aioli which was very special. And then there was dessert...cheesecake with a mound of whipped pie too. It was a lovely dinner.We highly recommend you try this spot.  And while you are there, check out their boutique hotel. Enjoy!

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