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Meat and Eat
3 Yigal Alon, near the Big Center, Bet Shemesh
Tel: 02-502 8880
Kashrut: Rabbanut Bet Shemesh and Rav Machpud Mehadrin. Full time mashgiach.

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 11:00 pm. Friday Noon - 2 hours before Shabbat. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour and a half after Shabbat - 11:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.

Meat and Eat

May 2018
Beit Shemesh, are you ready?
Meat & Eat Restaurant (Lechem Basar) has opened in your backyard. No need to travel to Jerusalem. Enjoy the amazing dishes in the beautifully designed restaurant near the Big shopping center. The emphasis of the unique menu is on uncompromising freshness, quality, taste and a fine dining experience. You must get to taste!

Not inexpensive, at Meat and Eat you get what you pay for. This is high end dining, with . delicious dishes and excellent service. Meat and Eat is a cleverly designed restaurant with comfortable dining spaces for small and large groups.

Meat and Eat - Indoors

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From the menu: Grilled eggplant starter: NIS 39. Crescent shaped pastry filled with beef and Lamb ragout NIS 54: Spring Chicken Salad: NIS 74, Entrecote Steak (250/350/450 gr.): NIS 138/162/189, Chicken Shnitzel NIS 69. Sea Fish Fillet: NIS 128. Dessert: NIS 42

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