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Market Restaurant
15 Hataasiya St., Etgarim, Raanana
Telephone: 09-7482032
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana Mehadrin Rav Mahpud Yoreh De'ah
Open Sunday - Thursday: Lunch: 11:30 am .till 3pm. Dinner: 6pm till 10:30pm. Friday take away buffet. Closed Shabbat.


February 2017
"Good Food from Fresh Ingredients".
This is the mantra at Migo Restaurant, in Etgarim, Raanana's tech park. The restaurant is located across from the southern side of the Raanana mall. The restaurant has a small parking lot on the premises, and there is free parking in the Raanana mall.

Over the years Migo has been a simcha hall, a caterer, and Friday take away buffet. Migo has learned from each incarnation, and has now added restaurant to their resume. The new Migo offers just about everything in the food service department. Migo is now a proper restaurant, an elaborate Friday take away buffet and a venue for private parties, all wrapped up into one. There are two private rooms, separate from the restaurant, that can accommodate up to 50 guests each. Since they are separate, when there is a party, the restaurant carries on.

Migo Take Away Menu for Pesach (Hebrew)

eLuna visited Migo restaurant for an early dinner mid-week. We were charmed by the unique decor and the spacious feel of the restaurant. Tables are nicely spaced, enabling each table some privacy. The decor is vintage market, with baskets, old seltzer bottles, and other vintage items, including an old-fashioned kitchen. Seating is on either side of a center counter, which presents a buffet of salads and bread. The furniture is pleasantly eclectic, giving a relaxed and informal dining atmosphere.

About The Migo Menu

The Migo menu is presented on a large colorful card. The menu, currently in Hebrew only, is clearly written and easy to navigate, There are options in several categories, and prices for main courses range from NIS 39 to NIS 100. Every main course is accompanied by a platter of sliced roasted potatoes.You get a lot of bang for your buck at Migo, with reasonable prices and generous portions.

After choosing your main course, guests are invited to help themselves to the salads on the open central buffet. There is eggplant, techina, green salad, tabbouleh, cucumber and beet salads pickled vegetables, and several specialty salads and condiments, along with a fresh loaf of bread. Buffet salads are free of charge with every main course. There is a separate menu of wines, beers and alcoholic drinks

Main courses are listed in categories from noodle and rice dishes to specials. Choose from Schnitzel and chicken dishes, burgers and pargit (deboned chicken breast/leg) dishes. The higher priced specials include the restaurant's flagship Assado, entrecote steak and salmon. There are also light dishes like roasted eggplant, for the not-so-hungry diners. Migo is a family restaurant, with childrens options including shnitzelim, spaghetti, at childrens size and priced portions.

In addition to the specialty dishes, there is a unique dish called Lahmajun with Entrecote. It consists of strips of grilled entrecote layered on lahmajun bread with garlic, accompanied by Migo’s signature grilled vegetables, herbs and chimichurri. We had to skip it this time, as we were attracted to the assado and salmon dishes from the Specialty section of the menu.

The main courses were served hot and very beautifully presented. The Assado is the specialty dish at this restaurant was served in a metal pan too hot to touch, so it came to the table on a wooden platter. The centerpiece of this dish was a large portion of flank steak with a thin layer of tasty fat on top (that you can easily remove if you must, but you will be missing a major flavor enhancer), decorated with an upright sprig of rosemary. The meat is slow-cooked in a sweet sauce which makes it soft and succulent, and from time to time you get the flavor of the rosemary. The meat was soft and succulent, served with roasted vegetables in the same meat sauce. This dish is not common at other restaurants, and my companion thought it more successful than the steaks that he has had so often at other restaurants.

The grilled salmon platter had two slices of salmon with a honey garlic sauce, and a touch of rosemary. Optionally you can choose chimichurri instead of honey garlic. The top and thinner parts of the salmon were well-done, but the center was a bit underdone in some places.  There was a small arugula salad and grilled vegetables on the plate as well. included a variety of roasted vegetables. Main courses were served with a plate of sliced grilled potatoes. We accompanied the assado and salmon main courses with a bit of the delicious fresh bread from the center island and the roasted potatoes with rosemary that are served with all main courses

From the Menu: Noodle and rice dishes NIS 39, Schnitzel and chicken dishes NIS 49, burgers NIS 57 and pargit dishes NIS 65. Assado NIS 89, salmon NIS 89. Childrens menu NIS 19 - 29. Salad bar free of charge with main course.

award winning croissant

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