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8 Shlomo Hamelech St., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-645-1212
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem Dairy
Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 pm. - 10:30pm.
The eLuna 10% discount coupon valid Sunday - Thursday only.

Red & White Wine Bar

July 2017
Wine & dine @ Red & White Wine Bar.
Red&White is a cozy, beautifully decorated, luxurious wine bar at the corner of Shlomo Hamelech and Yanai Streets. Located across the street from the Mamila Hotel, Red&White is in plain view ofthe Hotel.

Red&White offers a great selection of Israeli wines paired with delicious dairy foods. This is primarily a wine tasting experience. You'll come for the wine and stay for dinner. Red & White specializes in kosher boutique Israeli wines not easily available in wine shops. This is your chance to try them all.

Red & White offers wine tasting, half glasses, full glasses and wine by the bottle. Reds include blends, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and rioja-styles. On the white side: chenin blanc, semillon, sauvignon blanc and more.The wineries represented are the best in Israel. There is also a seletion of single-malt whiskys, gin, red port and sake. Prices for half glasses start at 24 shekels, and bottles of white wine start at 110 shekels.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating, great ambience, fine service, and excellent food and wines. Reservations are suggested, but not required. Call for reservations after 17:00 (5 pm, evenings)

Red&WhiteAbout the Food Menu

Man cannot live by wine alone, so Red&White offers light dairy foods to go with your drinks. The menu is a moving target. Other than the basic dairy and fish dishes, nuts and other nash, the bar menu varies every few weeks.

The standard dishes include salmon dishes, cheese platters, nosh, olives, roasted nuts, raisins and more. There is a cocktail of the day and artisan chocolates.
View the current menu

From the Menu: Cheese plate with French bread. NIS 76. Pastry filled with cheese NIS 78 Smoked salmon with avocado nis 76. Munchies: Olives, raisins, roasted peanuts NIS 12. Desserts and chocolates. beer, and hot chocolate, and bottled water, and apple cider: Non-alcoholic beverages: coffee, seltzer and ginger ale. Munchies: Olives, raisins, roasted peanuts NIS 12. Desserts and chocolates.


Special events at Red & White

Red&White is an ideal venue for small adult parties and get-togethers. The bar has a corner location with a very wide sidewalk, and is neighbor-free on one side. There is indoor seating for 16 guests, and outdoors for at least another 16. At night, Red&White has a lovely view and atmosphere. For parties, owner Mark will tweak the food menu to suite your preferences. The party menu can include fresh salmon fillet and tuna, fish stew, cheesecake, and a great selection of wine.

You'll also be able to choose the music for your event with 4 speakers inside and 2 outside as well as a mic and stand for talks/music performance. You are welcome to bring your own music for your event. They can plug your device into their sound mixer.


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