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1 Lilienblum St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-510 0057

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday: Breakfast: 9am - 12 noon. Lunch: 12 noon - 5pm. Dinner: 5pm - until 11:00 pm. Friday Buffet 9am - 2pm. Motzash till midnight. Closed Shabbat.
Reservations recommended

October 2018
We love the ambiance of Tel Aviv just after the Chagim. The most beautiful part is Neve Tzedek, the "old town" of Tel Aviv. There is nothing like the quaint streets and the beautifully preserved buildings. Rendezvous Restaurant sits in a prime location at the corner of Lilianblum and Pines Streets. The indoor area is beautifully designed with an old-world feel and cafe tables wrap around the outside of the building, Tel Aviv style. Are we in Paris or are we in the Middle East? You'll be guessing.

My companion and I enjoyed an evening meal at Rendezvous dairy restaurant. It was a lovely experience that I hope I can adequately express in this page.

If Neve Tzedek says narrow streets and no parking to you, things have changed. We found a not-very-obvious pay parking lot just two blocks from the restaurant. See below. .

eLuna Visits Rendezvous Restaurant

"What are the signature dishes at Rendezvous?" we asked our helpful waiter. If you are reading eLuna write ups you have heard us ask this question before.

"You have not been to Rendezvous till you have had our Pizza Bianca".came the answer.
Are you saying that we came all the way down here for Pizza? we wondered.

"See that lady at the table outside?" The waiter pointed to a young woman and her companion.
"She comes here very week just for the pizza."
With a recommendation like that, who could say no. So for our main courses we agreed on one Pizza Bianca and one fish dish.

Starters were a little harder. There were so many delicious sounding starters, we just about could not choose. As in fine restaurants, the menu offered fish tartar and ceviche dishes. The endive salad, we were assured, is a restaurant favorite and a good choice. Burrata is for those who like Buffalo Mozzarella cheese (like me). This unique dish, we were told, does not often appear on kosher restaurant menus. Sold.

Diners outside sit at lovely cafe-style tables with fresh white tablecloths and cloth napkins. Inside the tables are a bit larger, and are wood topped, also with cloth napkins. Needless to say, at this lovely time of year and the attractive setting, the outdoor tables were much in demand. We took seats inside and enjoyed the beautiful old-world decor and soft music. From our perch we could watch, without drawing attention, the handsomly dressed middle aged Tel Aviv diners arriving on bikes, ladies night out, and folks who came out for a walk and stopped at the restaurant for a quick bite. Tel Aviv. A great mix. Though families with children would enjoy Rendezvous, we think of this as a restaurant for mature tastes.

Before we had a chance to take it all in, a basket of fresh bread and cream cheese topped with tomato puree was delivered to our table. There were three different types of bread, light brown, dark and darker, delicious with or without the rich cream cheese. Look out for the breads at these restaurants. You can fill up on them and miss enjoying the delicious dishes ahead.

My companion's Endive salad was served in a huge bowl filled with not just endives, but walnuts, Roquefort cheese and a host of vegetables topped with a delicious citrus dressing. But the star of the starters was definitely the Burrata: buffalo mozzarella platter.on a grilled eggplant topped with a chopped tomato salad. The Burrata. takes mozzarella cheese one step further — it's mozzarella that's formed into a pouch and then filled with soft curd and cream. Let me warn you up front that this starter is a whole meal. A little salt, we were told, and even less pepper should be sprinkled on mozzarella cheese to bring out the flavor of the cheese. Good advice.

And there is more?
The famous Rendezvous Pizza Bianca is authentically Italian. It has a very thin crust - almost mazta - with melted cheese that is so subtle you cannot see it, but you can taste it. Greens and mushrooms top the pizza, and the piece de resistance, a sunny-side up egg that when you cut, runs over the pizza, giving it a special flavor. This generous pie can certainly satisfy two diners. The Grouper fish dish was served with potato puree heavily flavored with truffles and vegetables in a saffron butter sauce. The fish was sealed on the skin side, for a crusty top.

Rendezvous dairy desserts should not be missed. There are a good number of choices, but the favorite, hands down, is the Tiramisu Cream topped with cocoa powder. Sweet and delicious. The Rendezvous Tiramisu and a cup of coffee is this side of heaven..

Business Lunch: From 12 noon till 5pm. Starters are NIS 10 with your main course.

Parking: The Liber residential building at 39 Pines Street has a large underground parking lot with separate designated areas for the public and for residents. The entrance is along the right side of the building. Drive down the ramp and elevator up. Reasonably priced in the evening.

From the menu: Bread basket: NIS 18. Endive Salad: NIS 58. Buffalo Mozzarella: NIS 54. Pizza Bianca NIS 74. Grouper fish platter NIS 149. Salmon NIS 98. Spaghetti NIS 80 + MAIA wine by the glass NIS 43. Dessert NIS 42-48.

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