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105 Hahashmonaim, Tel Aviv
Tel: 077 408 4055
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon till 11:00 pm. Friday 12 noon till 3:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

July 2018
I must confess that this is our favorite kind of restaurant. Cozy, beautiful decor, attentive service, with a small menu where each of the foods is special. Resto is a fusion restaurant, combining French and Israeli cooking. The owners are French as is the decor and the atmosphere yet the chefs are from the Israeli and European traditions. The staff are brought together from some of our favorite restaurants: Goshen, 99 Hayarkon, and others.

Fixed price special for dinner for two. NIS 229 and NIS 349
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We visited Resto Restaurant for an early dinner mid-week. Tel Aviv was hopping with activity. There was plenty of traffic and no place to park, but the best place to park is at the Fashion Mall, with an exit on to Hachashmonaim Street, right across from the restaurant. I am not sure if they named this restaurant "resto" because it is a restaurant or because it is a rest from the hubbub of the city. Either way, it works.

The restaurant spans Chashmonaim Street and the open Givon Square. There is street side seating facing Hachashmonaim and behind the restaurant facing the square. We chose seats inside the cool and pleasant restaurant. We loved the simple but classic decor. Very French, cozy and comfortable with a pleasing combination of dark wood and white marble.
Salmon main course Beetroot salad starter

The menu is short and to the point. There are 8 or 9 appetizers, the same number of main courses and three salads. Though limited in number, there is a great variety in these dishes. I like a vegetable starter and a fish main course. My companion did the same, with a meat main course. The menu offers several dishes with cured fish or meat (ceviche), which we pass.

While we perused the menu we enjoyed a basket of thickly cut dark bread with walnuts and two spreads with tomatoes, herbs and chili peppers. Some will find these spicy and more spicy, but my companion was very enthusiastic. These were balanced by a glass of Elyon win. This is a small winery in the Galil that is espeically beloved at this restaurant because the wines are reminiscent of French wines. We were quite impressed with the rose.

We started with the signature beetroot salad. The salad consists of sliced marinated red beets flavored with orange sections and nuts and dotted with herbs. The salad was a wow, served in a large white bowl. This was an amazing dish that I could not recommend more highly. My companion and I shared this dish, which was more than enough for the two of us. The restaurant also brought out a serving of the Salmon Tartare with apples. This is a beautifully presented round portion of lightly marinated fish wrapped in a slice of cucumber.

The platter of salmon that was served for my main course was generous. Two fillets of salmon on a bed of ratatouille. The foods were so flavorful the accompanying chimichurri sauce was not necessary.

My companion went with the Beef Filet, another signature dish of the restaurant. This dish is an example of the French-Israeli fusion that is in the restaurant logo. A beautiful platter with two substantial slices of beef filet on toast, accompanied by a sweet sauce, and a sauce of tahina with truffles an invention of the chefs. My portion also had delicious slices of goose liver on top of the beef, making the dish a Beef Rossini. The goose liver is not a standard part of the Beef Filet, but if the chef has some available, he may add it to pamper the customer. The beef filet is served with a side of creamy pureed potatoes, for the real meat and potatoes effect. I helped myself to a bit of his puree. At home I make mashed potatoes. This was a different animal entirely.

Dessert anyone?
No fusion here. All the desserts are French. .We chose the very French Tarte Tatin. Out came a lovely individual pie topped with a dollop of ice cream. This was the classic French dessert with a crusty bottom and light apple filling. Beautifully presented this was a lovely sweet dessert.

Parking: The Fashion Mall. The Hachashmonaim exit is directly across the street from the restaurant. A few thousand parking spaces. Two hours of free parking in the mall. Note: the mall closes at 10pm. Check when the parking lot closes.

From the Menu: Beetroot salad Starter NIS 36. Salmon Tartar NIS 48. Salmon fillet NIS 89. Beef Fillet NIS 165. Hamburger Resto NIS 89

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