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American Diner
88 Ahuza Street, Raanana
Tel: 09-9744089
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana, meats chalak beit yosef
Handicapped friendly

Open Sunday Thursday 12:00 noon till 11:00pm.

Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Sara's Place

June 2018
Sara Speigler is in the food supplying business. If it is not the restaurant, it is the take away for shabbat and chagim. Sara is also known for catering parties and Kiddushim. Willing to go the mile, Sara will even deliver foods to your door (depending on the quantity).

Sara's restaurant under the name Sara's Place truly showcases Sara's talents. The food is tasty, portions are generous and the service is excellent. This restaurant is worth a visit, wherever you come from.

Our Visit to Sara's Place

If you have not been to the new Sara's Place you owe it to yourself to visit. My companion and I moseyed over to the restaurant for an early dinner mid week. A family restaurant appropriate for adults and children alike, Sara's Place is busy throughout the day from noon through the evening. Guests without reservations were politely told that they would have to be out within a limited time for reserved guests.

Once seated we were handed a colorful, American red white and blue graphic menu. We started with one shared order of onion rings. For our mains my companion and I each had one burger. I chose the vegan burger and my companion went with the Cuban burger, new on the menu.

A word about vegan and vegetarian at Sara's Place: Vegetarian and vegan dishes contain no animal products. In addition, they are parve because they are not cooked with meat. The vegan burger is baked in the oven, not on a grill or in oil from meat products. Some vegan products are cooked with the fish dishes. So chips, which are fried, are fried in oil also used for fish. Note that the veggie dishes that we ate did not have any fish flavor.

Starters and Main Courses: We started with one shared dish of veggie onion rings. The rings were batter fried, crispy, and were very tasty served with two sauces. Sara's Place makes their own delicious sauces. What looked like ketchup was actually lovingly home made BarbBQue sauce with herbs. What we thought was standard spicy mayonnaise was anything but. This was a relish loaded with chopped vegetables and herbs, i was tempted to ask to to take the left over drops home.

Burgers are the Sara's Place signature dish. Impressed that there was a veggie burger on the menu, I decided to try it. This veggie patty is baked rather than grilled, so it does not have that nice brown crust on the outside. The burger is based on mushrooms and chick peas. It is served on a bun with the BBQ sauce smeared on one half. The burger is served with pickled vegetables and a big serving of thinly cut fries. You want to slip the pickled vegetables on to the burger so that you get a big mouthful at once. For this you need alligator jaws, which I am missing. All told, it was an acceptable vegetarian alternative in a decidedly meaty restaurant.

Sara's Place also offers a fish burger and other non-meat alternatives. These too are not cooked with meat.

Sara's Place Burgers range from the classic 220 gram burger to a variety of larger and more elaborate burgers. I like spicy hamburgers and I know that the hamburgers at Saras Place are among the best. The Cuban Hamburger, just added to the menu, has a little bit of everything sweet, spicy, smoky - so I went for it. This is a large burger on sesame seed bun, but the special additions are crunchy, spicy chili sauce, a slice of pineapple on top of the patty, slices of crispy salami on top of that, and a large sunny-side up egg on top. All of this sits under the top of the bun. A little bit of lettuce in there somewhere, but no pickles or tomatoes. Who cares? The combination of flavors was fantastic. The meat, of course, was juicy and tasty, although I should have asked for medium rather than medium-well, which was a bit too dark for me. Each bite brought the flavor of the chili sauce, then the fried smoky salami, and sometimes the pineapple, and of course the egg. It sounds strange, but it really worked.

The Cuban burger does not come with fries. I didn'tt order fries because this is a really big dish, but I think I will have fries with the home made barbecue sauce next time. The Cuban is a messy burger. As soon as you put the top of the bun over the sunny-side up egg, the yolk runs. When you pick up the bun with the burger, the sauces and yolk run over your fingers. After the first bite I licked my fingers clean, and ate the rest of the burger with a fork and knife. I noticed that diners at other tables came to the same conclusion. Fun meal? You bet!

With the burger I had...what else...a bottle of Jems Beer. Jems and Raanana are synonymous. A Sara's Place burger and a Jems beer are a perfect combination.

Sara's Place offers some unique desserts. We went with the popular chocolaty Smores souffle served with hot marshmallow fluff on a graham cracker base.

The dishes at Sara's Place are generous and beautifully presented. I don't know how they do this quality at these prices.

From the Menu: Onion Rings NIS 28. Burgers NIS 59 - 69. Vegan Burger NIS 57.Deli Sandwiches NIS 43 and up. .Fish N Chips NIS 51. Chocolaty Smores souffle NIS 38.

Click here for a 12% discount coupon on your next order at Sara's Place. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant. The discount is valid from 1 - 6pm.

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