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88 Ahuza Street, Raanana
Tel: 09-9744089
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Handicapped friendly

Open Sunday Thursday 12:00 noon till 10:00pm.
Friday: Buffet take away for Shabbat.
Closed Shabbat.

Sara's Place

December 2017
Sara Speigler is in the food supplying business. If it is not the restaurant, it is the take away for shabbat and chagim. Sara is also known for catering. parties and Kiddushim, Willing to go the mile, Sara will even deliver foods to your door (depending on the quantity).

About a year ago, Sara relaunched the restaurant, which is the focal point of her food service. The new restaurant under the name Sara's Place is a great step up from previous attempts and truly showcases Sara's talents. Sara's Place is quaint and charming, beautifully decorated in the style of an American diner. The food is tasty, portions are generous and the service, under the management of Kiva, is excellent. This restaurant is worth a visit, wherever you come from.

Our Visit to Sara's Place

If you have not been to the new Sara's Place you owe it to youirself to visit. Forget previous impressions. This is a new restaurant. My companion and I moseyed over to the restaurant for an early dinner mid week. We called in advance for reservations as we so often advise eLuna members, and were surprised to get one of the last tables available. A family restaurant appropriate for adults and children alike, Sara's Place is busy throughout the day and early evening. Guests without reservations were politely told that they would have to be out within a limited time for reserved guests.

There is outdoor seating but you will prefer to sit indoors and enjoy the ambiance. Once seated we were handed a colorful, diner-looking graphic menu. After just a few minutes a charming waitress offered to help.

We started with one shared order of Hush Puppies. This is an all vegetable starter based on corn. For our mains my companion chose the fish & chips and I chose one of the burgers.

Hush Puppies were a bowl of fried balls. Served attractively in a paper-lined basket, this dish is a heavy carb hit, and not my favorite. Between the two of us, we did not finish the one portion.

I did not know when we set out for Sara's Place that the burgers are the signature dish. I was definitely not disappointed because sometimes I am just in the mood for a massive burger with extras. Sara’a place has one of the biggest burgers for one diner that I have seen on a menu, so I ordered it – the two-pattie burger with crumbled smoked beef and onions on top, served with French Fries (chips to the locals) on the side.

The burger was cooked precisely medium, as requested. No extra sauces were required, as the beefy burger and the smoked beef flavors really came through. The burger was kind of thick to get my mouth around, so I had to cut it down to size with the knife and fork here and there, but it was fun to eat. The chips were crispy and came with ketchup and mayo on the side. I complemented the meal with an exotic beer. This is a huge meal, full of flavor. I wish I could say that I didn’t eat for a week afterward, but I can’t. This was an extremely satisfying meal.

My companion had the fish and chips. There were several large pieces of fish in a crispy batter coating served with a generous portion of chips.

The fish & chips proved the versatility of this all-around diner. The fish and chips was better than some restaurants that specialize in this dish. The dish was so generous that my companion could not finish it. Without asking, a waitress suggested that they pack up the remaining food which we enjoyed at home the following day.

The esthetic presentation did not go unnoticed. The plating is most attractive with a great emphasis on the "look" of the foods. The portions on our table were exceptionally generous, and more than we could eat. Looking around I saw that the platters on all the tables were the same.

Though Sara's is a compact place, I was impressed with the lengths that they went to, to help families with strollers and one family with a wheelchair. More power to you, and thank you for a great dining experience.

Getting There: Sara's Place is located in a small passage way off Ahuza street, between the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva and the shopping center at traffic light 8, where Meatland is located. There is usually parking in one of the lots on Tel Hai Street or in the underground lot under the shopping center. The restaurant is handicapped friendly.

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