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Shipudei Eilat
Israeli Grill House
Ice Mall,Entrance from outside facing the lagoon. Eilat
Kashrut Rabbanut Eilat
Tel: 08-633 2211
Kashrut: Rabbanut Eilat

Open: Sunday Thursday 11:30am 11:30pm Friday 11:30am till one hour before Shabbat One hour after shabbat till 11:30pm

June 2018
The Ice Mall is called such because this large circular mall has a full ice skating rink at its center. Shops and fast food stalls line the outer circle of the mall. This is a noisy bustling mall where you will have to maneuver around young children blocking passageways and strollers.

When you want to sit down for a nice quiet meal, the place you want to be is Shipudei Eilat (skewer). This restaurant is along the outside wall of the mall on the southern plaza on the edge of the lagoon that connects to the King Solomon Promenade. Shipudei Eilat is a good escape from the noise and the hubbubof the mall. Here it is clean and quiet, and you will eat a relaxed meal at a comfortable table.
Manager Oz looks forward to hosting eLuna members. Present your discount coupon when you sit down and Oz promises you a complementary sweet in addition to your 10% discount.

We took the escalator down from the entrance level, and made our way out a back entrance to the mall. The restaurant was right there. Ask anyone how to get to Shipudei Eilat. Everyone will know it.

The restaurant has ample indoor seating and a lovely outdoor space under large umbrellas. Both the indoor and the outdoor areas are cooled. The indoor area has a good strong air conditioner for Eilat weather, and a desert cooler keeps the outdoor area comfortable.

The first thing that we noticed when we came into the restaurant was the clean and uncluttered dining area. The tables were all cleared and clean and we felt good sitting down. It was a warm day and the cool air conditioning was a welcome relief. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant was in great contrast to the ice mall.

The friendly waiter handed us a multi-lingual electronic menu, which showed pictures of all the foods. That certainly whet our appetites. We started our meal with a shared plate of mushroom humus. This was sauteed mushrooms with olive oil, and caramelized garlic (see photo). All the salads, jncluding the delicious humus, are prepared fresh that morning for the day. You can actually taste the difference. I was quite enthusiastic about the humus with the fresh mushrooms and garlic on top. The humus was served with a basket of pitot including an open grilled pita with garlic. Wow. If I didn't want to eat anything else I would have asked for another open pita.

How do you come to a restaurant called "Shipudei" anything and not have a shipud (skewer)? We had one shipud of pargit served on a huge spear with with a side order of chips. If you order two or more shipudim for your meal, the side dishes are discounted. At Shipudei Eilat the chips are cooked in a chipster and not with the meat, as in most of the meat restaurants. Thus the chips do not come in contact with the meat and are actually parve.

In addition to the meats, the restaurant has a gluten-free menu. Other dishes are equally fresh. We were told that there is a wine room, but we did not see it.

Kashrut: Kosher Eilat restaurants work hand in hand with the Rabbanut. The mashgichim are paid by the moetza and not by the restaurants. So there is no conflict of interest.

From the Menu: Mushroom Humus NIS 38. chicken liver skewer NIS 29. Lamb skewer NIS 49. .Beef Burger NIS 59. Salmon steak NIS 89. Lamb chops 350 gr NIS 169. Chicken shnitzel NIS 59. Kids meals NIS35/39.

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