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Asian kitchen
3 Jabotinsky St., Netanya
Telephone: 09-862 5135
Kashrut: Rabanut Netanya
Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon.till 12 midnight. Friday noon till one hour before Shabbat. One hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.


January 2017
Taipei is a neighborhood restaurant on Jabotinsky Street in Netanya. This is a residential area with street parking available in the evenings. Taipei is a family restaurant, with a pleasant atmosphere that strives for authenticity. The decor has an Asian feel complete with Chinese lanterns and Oriental music. The walls are covered in Chinese designs and dividers between the spaces have an Oriental theme. Since the number of kosher Asian restaurants has dwindled over the years, we don't see this too often and the restaurant was quite striking an attractive.

Taipei is a popular restaurant, with a good number of active tables at 6pm when we arrived. We were pleased to see Oriental people dining at the restaurant. It is always a good sign that the food is good.
The prices are very reasonable and you definitely get value for money.,

About The Taipei Menu

The Taipei menu is an easy to read one-page listing available in Hebrew and English. The menu offers a nice variety of Asian dishes in the categories of starters, noodle dishes, main courses, and a full page of sushi. This is a meat menu, but many of the dishes are offered without meat. Dishes offered 3 ways: veggie, with chicken or beef, are price adjusted accordingly. The menu also offers dinners for 2, 3, 4 and even 5 diners. So if you are dining with another couple or with your family and you all like the same foods, you can enjoy a good variety by choosing the dinner for 4.

My companion and I have never chosen the same foods from a menu. Having different tastes makes it difficult to share, but it does give us plenty to write about. There are certain must-have dishes at a Chinese restaurant, and they are all on the Taipei menu. Among the must-have dishes are wanton soup, egg rolls, a sweet & sour dish, and sushi. The Taipei egg roll dish comes with two egg rolls stuffed with vegetables or chicken. The trendy Spring roll is also available, for those avoiding fried foods. A single dish of two egg rolls would be a good dish to share between two people. But we never do the obvious. We decided to go a different route that included a starter of wanton soup for my companion and one order of fried eggplant to share.

The soup was served in a small bowl that was closer to a large mug than a soup bowl. The wantons were made of flaky dough on the outside and crispy vegetables on the inside. They were quite tasty but the soup had only two wantons, which was a disappointment. My companion enjoyed the soup, but thought it a bit small as a starter. The generous eggplant dish made up for this There were 5 slices of eggplant fried in a coating, topped with a garlic plum sauce. These were attractively presented in an oblong dish, and was enough to share. My companion enjoyed the sauce more than I, as I thought it overwhelmed the vegetables. I would recommend that you request that the sauce be served on the side.

With half the menu sushi dishes, it was apparent that we would try at least one of them. Inside outs are available with a panko topping or in tempura. Which is the most popular version? The tempura, so tempura it was. Again, the presentation was very pleasant and the sushi quite tasty.

My companion chose the sweet & sour crispy chicken for his main course. Again the presentation was very attractive in a long boat-shaped dish, brimming with the chicken and vegetables. My companion was more than satisfied with the dish. Having checked off at least most of the must-have dishes at a Chinese restaurant, we were satisfied that we had done the job.

The restaurant staff was disappointed that we did not end our meal with a dessert. We were way over the top with the dishes that we had eaten. I started to regret our decision not to take a dessert as we watched the desserts being delivered to the other tables. Pasiflora - passion fruit - is not my favorite flavor the dessert was very fetching indeed.

In addition to the dishes that we tried, the menu offers a long list of noodle dishes including my choice, Taipei’s Special - Udon Noodles in coconut milk with red pepper, sprouts, and onion in curry and pesto sauce. For your main course you can choose from the beef, chicken or fish dishes. Meat lovers will enjoy the Beef/Chicken Pad Ka-Pao - Traditional Thai dish served with onion, garlic, mushrooms, red chili and topped with fried egg. A bit more exotic, try the Crispy Duck - Crispy Braised Duck Legs served with sweet plums sauce. And the fish folks will like the Grilled salmon fillet with soy sauce on a bed of udon/rice noodles.

Taipei has a separate bar with bar seating, and an alcohol menu with wines, beers and cocktails that you can order at the table. There are also whiskeys, vodkas and they'll even make you a martini. Keeping with the theme of the restaurant, there is Japanese Sake by the bottle, and Choya - Japanese plum wine.

The prices at Taipei are reasonable for this quality restaurant. We estimate that dinner for two, carefully chosen, can set you back about NIS 200.

From the Menu: Starters: Dim Sum NIS 27. Egg roll Chicken\vegetable NIS 18/28. Taipei’s Noodle Special veggie/chicken/beef NIS 44/49/56. Sushi 8pc veggie inside out NIS 27. fish sushi NIS 34 (average). Beef/Chicken Pad Ka-Pao NIS 58/63. Crispy Duck - Crispy Braised Duck Legs NIS 68. Grilled salmon fillet NIS 96.

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