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33 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6253065
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin, Mahzikei Hadat - Belz Mehadrin,
Dairy, Vegetarian
Open Sunday - Thursday: 9am till 10:00pm. Friday: 1.5 hours before Shabbat. Closed Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

Village Green

Updated January 2015
Slap bang in the center of Jerusalem on Jaffa Road, near the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and a little way from Kikar Zion, you’ll find the Village Green restaurant. Unlike so many eateries in Jerusalem which are dairy with a few vegetarian choices, this restaurant is exclusively vegetarian, with many options completely vegan. Opened in 1992, the Village Green mission is 'to bring fresh, tasty and nutritious vegetarian food to the public'. Well, they are doing just that, and more. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike; and when you visit you’ll see why.

Village Green is a bright and airy restaurant with a friendly and casual atmosphere that belies the care taken in its food sourcing and preparation. There’s a nicely arranged outside seating area with a thoughtfully provided parasol that gives customers shading when necessary.

Village Green - Jaffa - Outdoors

How does it work?

Village Green offers a cafeteria style buffet menu. You make up your own meal according to your taste and preferences, then take your plate to be weighed, and pay accordingly. An advantage of this system is that it allows you to sample a wide variety of dishes in small quantities. Note: This system does not apply to set meals, such as the breakfast/brunch menu.

Village Green - Jaffa - Salads Village Green Jaffa - Variety to chose

About The Village Green Menu

The brunch menu is served between 9am and 11am. We like the scrambled egg (organic, as you’d expect) with tofu, and the Winter Morning breakfast – organic porridge with fresh fruit salad, walnuts and honey and a fresh juice – that will definitely set you up for the day.

Then there is an incredible selection of dishes, of which we will bring you but a few. If you’re an inveterate soup addict like me you will be spoilt for choice. Try the Indian lentil soup – delicately flavored and aromatic. There is also a gorgeous onion soup with white wine. Traditionalists will prefer the creamed broccoli or the spinach soup. Cold salads include Greek salad with tofu or cheese and Chinese salad with sweet and sour silan (date honey) and sesame seeds. An excellent combination. Hot dishes include a soya goulash, a stir-fry with tofu, and a spicy Thai seytan (often referred to as ‘wheat meat’).

Village Green Jaffa - Vegetarian Pie

After all that healthy and nutritious food you will want to indulge yourself with one of Village Green’s yummy desserts. These range from cookies, to carob brownies, to date nougat or if you have the space, the deliciously crunchy walnut pie or creamy mocha-cheese cake.

Village Green - Jaffa - Desserts

Village Green aims to let you decide what you want to eat. With so much to choose from, that’s no small task!

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