Arnold's Kosher Restaurant - Ramat Yishai
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Kosher Chef Restaurant
3 Eucalyptus St., Street Mall, Ramat Yishai
Tel: 04-9522211
Kashrut: Rabbanut Ramat Yishai, mehadrin

Open Sunday - SundayThursday 12:00 – midnight. Friday: 12:00 noon – 4:00pm. Motzei Shabbat 8:00pm – midnight. Closed Shabbat.

October 2013

About Arnold's Restaurant

Great news! Arnold's now has a sister restaurant in Ramat Yishai.

The original Arnold's Restaurant in Netiv Hashayara is one of the best meat restaurants in the Western Gailee. Set in a wooden cottage in the middle of a grassy field, you will think that you have discovered this restaurant. The truth is, that folks have been enjoying this restaurant for years, returning again and again, with each visit to the Galil.

We are pleased that owner Uri Arnon has opened a second branch of Arnold's Restaurant in the Street Mall, Ramat Yishai. Ramat Yishai is an easy one hour drive from Tel Aviv on Highway 6. If you are from the center of the country, a one hour drive for a day out in the country, topped by a gourmet meal, is a nice day out.

The menu at the Ramat Yishai restaurant is the same delicious menu that you know from Netiv Hashayara. The new restaurant, however, has another look entirely. The decor is modern with touches of stone and glass.

The Menu
Arnolds is a meat lovers meat restaurant. The meal begins with Tapas Galili. This is a table of fresh, tasty, and creative salads that are uniquely Galilee. The salads are served with Focaccia from a taboun oven with spreads.

The meat main courses are the star of the show. The meat is served with very basic side dishes, which are just the background to the meat. The culinary philosophy at Arnold's is good quality meat, cooked well, and nicely presented. and ingredients. Food is served simply without “pachkarai. “

Here are some of the menu highlights: Goose liver on toast with wild berry sauce
Entrecote steak, Asado, lamb chops and prime rib.

Prime rib is 450 gram of grilled golan heights Agnus meat lightly flavored with red wine.
Moulard breast served with a sweet apple brandy sauce and challots

Uri Arnon creates his own wine for the restaurant. This is a red wine from Tulip winery.

Ramat Yishai is located on the western edge of the Jezreel Valley on the side of the Haifa - Nazareth road about 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) eastern to Kiryat Tivon. If coming from the center, take highway 6 north, and exit a road #70, Yokneam. Follow to road #722, and after a few kilometers turn east to road #75.

From Facebook:
Submitted by Gaby Shoham Date: September 2013. Description (translated, original posted in Hebrew): "...the place is beautiful, very cozy atmosphere, in the background playing Latin music (Brazilian, specifically), the stunning, nice and friendly hospitality, together with recommendation of the waitress was worth it!"

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