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BABA Restaurant
103 Morad Hagai St., Karmiel
Across from Kenyon Hahadash (the New Mall)
Tel: 04-844 2114
Kashrut: Mehadrin Badatz Rav Rubin
Open Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 9:00 am. - 1.5 hours before Shabbat.
Motzei Shabbat:
one hour after Shabbat - 11:00pm. Closed Shabbat.


July 2017
Baba is a dairy and fish restaurant focusing on healthy and natural foods. All the foods are made in house, to insure their freshness and quality, and to make sure that only healthy ingredients are used.

Baba opened one year ago as a strictly vegan restaurant. After a time the owners reassessed and added dairy dishes to the menu. The kitchen is very versatile with a great selection of vegan, dairy dishes and sushi. Always available are a variety of breakfast dishes, pasta dishes, pizza, vegetable dishes, rice, and fish dishes. Prices are quite reasonable with lunch specials and dishes priced for every pocket.

The restaurant also does a lively take out business and catering at your venue. There is a take out menu and Baba sushithe restaurant will prepare sushi platters for parties. Note that Baba is one of the few restaurants in northern Israel with a mehadrin badatz Rav Rubin hashgacha. The kitchen staff are all Jewish, as is required by the hashgacha.

Baba calls itself 100% Organic natural foods - though I am not sure what that means. We saw some lovely and creative dishes on the menu. The prices vary in the day and in the evening, but they are always affordable. This is a family restaurant with a homey atmosphere where you will find good healthy foods for yourself and your kids.

The sushi at Baba is one of their big sellers. Enjoy sushi at the restaurant or order home. A big sushi platter is ideal for get togethers.

Another big item are the wraps. Baba offers large platters of wraps that can rival any restaurant in the center of the country.

Baba is located in Karmiel across from the Kenyon Hahadash (New Mall).eLuna has not yet been to this restaurant but from the looks of it, it is a find. And on our next trip north....

About the Baba Menu

The menu at Baba is quite varied and changes with the season. Start your day at Baba Restaurant with a delicious breakfast. Baba WrapsChoose the Carmeli or the Mediterranean breakfast. Both include eggs, cream, tehina, bread, butter and salads. The Mediterranean breakfast also includes the Israeli favorites; eggplant, Labana, and white cheese. There is shakshuka any way you like it and a breakfast called "Spicy on Fire" (charif esh) with 3 eggs, all the toppings, including chili pepper. Yikes!

No matter the season, Baba offers Pasta of all types: penne, fettuccine, linguine and ravioli with just about any filling: cheese, mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato, etc. There are also Toastim, pizzas, salads, stir fried dishes, desserts and more.

The restaurant also specializes in fish dishes, with salmon and St Peters fish the favorites. Fish & Chips is also available served with onion rings. I liked the section on the menu entitled "From the Kinneret to your Plate" and just below it, "From Norway with Love." Guess what comes from Norway.

Every day the restaurant offers a fixed price lunch for NIS 40. Each day has its own special. Sundays, for example, is fish fillet day, served on a bed of peppers, green beans and rice. Tuesday is cous cous day served with cooked vegetables and tuna patties. Choose your day and go for it.

From the Menu: Breakfast. NIS39. Shakshuka NIS 20. Pasta NIS 40. Ravioli NIS 52. Fish & Chops NIS 42. Norweigan Salmon NIS 56.

Baba soup baba felafel

Comments from the Internet:
May 22, 2017. Sara Goldie Alon
Several people told me how delicious the bubba restaurant is and it's just for me full of vegan and vegetarian dishes but I didn't get to go until today and I vhlmmmmm.. Delicious. The chef has golden hands. Amazing service, mood pastoral and what to do most important... Price for each pocket.. Really recommended from my heart ? (Kosher badatz)

June 2017
II was looking for a kosher restaurant and found a perfectly kosher restaurant with excellent food and homey atmosphere and with great service.

Baba sushi

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