Lili24 Kosher French Restaurant
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Authentic French Bistro
24 Lilienblum, Tel Aviv

Tel: (03) 5103913

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv. Meat: Glatt Beit Yosef
Wheelchair friendly

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:30am till last customer.

Revised September 2016
Lili24 restaurant originally joined in 2012. We revisited this restaurant in 2016 to report on the new chef and the new menu. Remembering our first visit to this restauant we anticipated a great dining experience. And we were not disappointed. Here's what we found...

Liili24 Kosher French Restaurant

If Tel Aviv is in the Middle East you would never know it at Lili24 restaurant. The restaurant is named for its address at 24 Lilinblum Street, at the corner of Herzl, Tel Aviv. Note that the kashrut is Rabbanut Tel Aviv, but the meat is chalak beit yosef.

French restaurant Lili24 aims to provide elegant dining in the style of the owner David’s previous restaurants in Marseilles. Unlike so many restaurateurs, David is in the hospitality business. Each customer is a valued guest. David enjoys “spoiling” each guest with attention and generosity.

The first thing that strikes you as you arrive at Lili 24 is the impressive historic Tel Aviv structure that houses the restaurant. The second thing is the intimate tables with white table cloths, sparkling silverware and wine glasses indoors, and the open-air dining in the rear courtyard. If you arrive on a Thursday evening, you may also be greeted by live music played in the courtyard. The night we were there, there was a keyboardist and a singer, but sometimes other neighborhood artists drop in for the fun.

The Lili24 Menu

The new chef at Lili24 has updated the menu. It is still very French, with nary a hint of middle eastern cooking. Characteristic dishes are the Bouillabaisse, Foie Gras, Roman Artichoke, and home made baguettes.

The Thursday evening when we visited the restaurant, guests were welcomed with an amuse bouche of two crispy whole Filameda fish. These were two whole sardine-like fish about 1 cm long, with a crispy coating, served with a mayonnaise dressing. The fish were tasty, and the crispy coating and the mayonnaise sauce set the flavor off wonderfully.

Once we placed our order, the waiter brought the house baguette with aioli and olive tapenade. The bread is prepared in house, as is all the foods. You are going to wonder how they baked that fresh bread so quickly, and here’s the trick. The chef completes the baking when the guests place their orders, so when it is delivered to the table, it is fresh, warm and crispy, and tastes like it was made from fresh dough that minute. The Netilat Yadayim stand is on the entrance level.

Owner David suggested a wonderful bottle of wine: a 2014 Galilee Cabernet Sauvignon from the Kerem Ben-Zimra Adin winery. I love Cabernet Sauvignon, but this wine was unusually fragrant and smooth. My companion and I enjoyed it, and David sat down and had a glass too.
I was strongly tempted to have the Bouillabaisse (fish soup) as a starter, which is served flambé with anise. I love Bouillabaisse, which is uniquely French, and seeing it arrive at the table flaming must be a great show, but I couldn’t pass over the Foie Gras Terrine.

Unfortunately, and Escallop Foie Gras dish – a memorable dish from our previous visit to Lili24, is no longer on the menu. The Foie Gras Terrine is a respectable substitute. This is a thick slice of liver pate served with sweet jams of onion and figs, with embedded walnuts and pine nuts, and topped with a small drunk pear. The overall flavor was a harmony of sweetness. Paper thin slices of toasted baguette were provided on the side, but, as nice as the toasted baguette was, I preferred to have the freshly baked house baguette instead.

My companion took David’s recommendation and chose the Roman Style Artichoke starter. The original name for this dish is Roman-Jewish Style Artichoke (Carciofi alla Giudia), but David changed the name in consideration of Israeli sensitivities. This dish consists of deep-fried artichokes, crispy outside but tender within. A two-stage cooking process first tenderizes the artichokes, then crisps them. The artichokes are served on a bed of polenta with mushrooms, with lemon wedges. There is an overall lemony flavor which did not thrill my companion, but I liked. My companion had the Denise (Sea Bream) filet. This dish consists of two filets on a bed of risotto with a sprig of broccoli and cherry tomato on the side. She found the fish to be very soft and well cooked.

I had the breast of duck in honey-orange sauce. There were three large cubes of meat with a thin coat of fat, so that the meat was not too dry, on a base of pureed broccoli with candied onions a drunk pear again. The drunk pear seems to be a house signature. A small side bowl heaped with pureed potatoes, topped with crisped onions, was more side dish than I could eat, but I polished off the meat with that wonderful wine.

The restaurant is very proud of the attractive cakes on a rotating pedestal in the window. These are all prepared in house by the outstanding chef. We shared a piece of classic Opera cake, a French style layer cake, with almond cake in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze. A cup of espresso would have been lovely with that cake, but I planned to sleep that night. A tip to the diner: the Hebrew and English menus look very similar, but there are choices on the Hebrew menu that do not appear on the English version. If you can manage with the Hebrew, ask for one of both.

From the Menu: Foie Gras Terrine: NIS 110; Roman-style Artichoke: NIS 42; Denis Filet – NIS 125; Breast of duck in honey-orange sauce: NIS 127; Opera cake – NIS 42

We found parking on the street, but there is a pay parking lot on the perpendicular Yehoshua Hatalmi Street.

From Our Readers:
Submitted By: Rosalind B. Date: July 2014. Description: Tonight we used our voucher at Lilly 24. It wasn't good it was EXCELLENT! Direct opposite of last week. Prices were comparable and the quality and service fantastic. Would certainly highly recomend this restaurant
Rosalind B.

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