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5 Har Oded St., “Rova Darkei HaBsamim” – Mitzpe Ramon
(Adjacent to the Sonol gas station)
Tel: 08-6539222
Kashrut: Rabbanut Rashit Mitzpe Ramon and Mehadrin products

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Closed Friday, Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.


March 2015
Mitzpe Ramon, just one hour south of Beer Sheva, has not been as much of a destination, as a town to pass through on your way to Eilat. In recent years the gorgeous Beresheet luxury resort has put Mitzpe Ramon on the map. The town itself has just 5,000 residents, but there are two machteshim (craters) which are tourist attractions, and several hotels and restaurants. For activities there are jeep tours and bike rides and an opportunity to learn some interesting geology. And now there is Pangea, a good kosher restaurant.

Closed for some time, Pangea restaurant has reopened and renewed. This is an up-to-date, well designed, meat restaurant with a wide choice of international cuisine, prepared with care and served with a smile. This is a family restaurant with a variety of dishes and prices.

Pangea - Indoors

If you are in the Negev in the area of the Machteshim (craters) or driving to or from Eilat, we strongly recommend that you stop at this gem of a restaurant. Pangea is a large, airy, oasis of industrial chic combined with a clever use of exposed bricks, warm colors, surrounded by the unique mountainous Negev scenery.

Pangea - Outdoors

About The Pangea Menu

The starters menu includes the Israeli favorites: hummus (with mushrooms or techina), Israeli salad, antipasti foccacia with roasted vegetables and especially delicious stir fried chicken wings. In addition to the expected dishes, the menu abounds with international flavors, and we suggest that you try these.

“International Dishes from the Middle and Far East” includes Chinese Dim Sum filled with meat or poultry. From Iraq, enjoy a Bagdadi Asli – beet/pumpkin and meat kibbeh in a rich soup, and from Thailand comes the chicken or salmon Pad Thai.
Pangea - Dim Sum

For the main course enjoy the traditional grill offerings such as chicken breasts in a delicious Mediterranean marinade, juicy 300 gram Entrecote steaks and nicely seasoned kebabs – all served with French Fries or rice, salad and chimichurri. And then there is the exotic and satisfying Irish shepherd’s pie. From Italy, try the Pasta Bolognese or Pasta Napolitana.
Pangea - Persian Kebab Pangea - Entrecote Steak

The menu also offers a remarkable choice of extraordinary sandwiches. There are chicken tikka sandwiches made with tender pieces of chicken, and satay sandwiches (chicken breast cooked in coconut milk, with peanut butter and exotic seasoning).

Vegetarians and vegans are well cared for at this meat restaurant and again international choices abound. There’s a tofu Pad Thai, a gorgeous Persian vegetarian Sabzi dish – a bit like goulash made with lots of different vegetables, green beans, dried lemons and roasted tomatoes, and lastly a vegetarian ‘Bagdadi’: beet kibbeh stuffed with tofu and vegetables in a soup, beautifully yet delicately spiced and very satisfying.

Pangea - outdoors

Pangea is a great place for a conference or a simcha. There is a superb hall which can host up to 150 people. A stage, great sound and multimedia systems are all at the ready. Any event will surely be memorable.

We are greatly impressed with Pangea. Kol Hakavod to the owners who have built a restaurant that is beautifully designed, offering an unusual and varied array of dishes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Well done.

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