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When Meat Meets Bread
7 Abba Even St., Herzlia Pituach Tech Park
Kashrut: Rabbanut Herzlia

Winter Hours: Sunday - Thursday from 11:30am until 7:00pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.
Summer Hours: Sunday - Thursday from 11:30am until midnight. Fridays from 11:30am until 4:00pm. Motzai Shabbat: from an hour and a half after Shabbat until midnight.
Closed Shabbat.

Do you pine away for a New York "Dagwood" Pastrami sandwich?
Can a good old-fashioned New York Deli sandwich find a place in the land of falafel, shwarma and pitot?

We are going to find out. Now you can get a real New York pastrami sandwich at Ruben restaurant, in the Herzlia Pituach Tech Park. Ruben is American as Apple Pie, hold the pie. Instead bring on the meat, the cole slaw, potato salad and the pickles And oh what pickles.

You pick the size of your sandwich: 200, 300 or 400 grams. Choose between the Ruben Pastrami sandwich, the Rachel Turkey sandwich and the sandwich that is a mix of both. The 400 gram sandwich comes in at 51 Shekels. Smaller sandwiches are lower priced. The yummy side dishes add a few more shekels to the party. Dig in!

There are lots of places where you can get a meat sandwich but Ruben is unique in the quality of the food and the uniquely American deli flavors.

What makes Ruben unique?
The cuts of meat are chosen with care. Then the meat is marinated and smoked. The meat is not cut till it gets to the restaurant counter, and is never packaged. Then there is the bread. Wow. The bread is made to order, just for Ruben. And then the drinks. Enjoy your sandwich with American root beer. There is also a selection of beer including Gosser beer on tap.

Those who can resist the delicious deli smells and the heaps of enticing sliced meat, and are willing to settle for just a basic reasonably priced deli sandwich can get away with one of the Rubin money-saving offers. There is a very reasonable business lunch and a special on two 200 gram sandwiches after 5pm. The eLuna 10% discount does not apply to Ruben deals.

Ruben is located in Herzlia's Tech Park, There is both indoor and outdoor seating. Oh, I almost forgot - they deliver!

Ruben is proof that there isn't anything that you can't find in Israel. Even New York pastrami!

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Ruben Delicatessen. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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