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Modern Italian Kitchen
2 Weitzman, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-693 2005
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 12:00 midnight. Friday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. One hour after Shabbat until 1:00 am. Closed Shabbat.

October, 2010 updated February 2012
Uno restaurant is located on Weitzman Street at Shaul Hamelech, just across from the court building, This second floor restaurant is accessible by one short flight of steps or by elevator from street level. The gorgeous big-city interior, designed by Yaron Tal, is colorful and modern, and is both comfortable and elegant. The Golda underground parking lot at the Israel Opera House is the closest public parking lot and is a short walk from the restaurant.

The dairy menu explores the concept of modern and elegant Italian cooking prepared with local Israeli ingredients. The restaurant provides a wide range of dishes including pasta starter dishes, salads, handmade pastas, fish and pizzas. There is something for everyone at every price range.

As we took our seats at the restaurant a party of young women were just getting up. They had been celebrating a birthday with pizza and a wow sparkler dessert for the birthday girl. Uno restaurant is an excellent venue for such an event. You get the glitz and the atmosphere and a reasonably priced dinner that can be shared by all.

When you peruse the menu all the dishes sound so wonderful you are going to want to order everything. We are going to have to come back to this restaurant several times to try even some of the menu items. My companion and I took three starters, sort of by accident. We passed on the tartar (raw) fish options, a specialty at this restaurant. We each chose a pasta starter, but while we waited we had a serving of Focaccia. Who could resist a loaf of warm Italian onion bread served with three dips. Netilat yadayim is conveniently located around the bend from the desk at the entrance to the restaurant.

The two pasta starters were small portions of truly outstanding pasta dishes. The best way to enjoy pasta is in small amounts and to savor each bite. The pasta is fresh and made in house, but it is not just the pasta that does it. It is the amazing sauces, each unique, and each is a blend of unlikely ingredients that combine to something delicious. Mini ravioli with mushrooms and the other was pumpkin ravioli made with white wine and passion fruit. Who would think of adding passion fruit to a pasta sauce? After you try it you will be sure that passion fruit was born for pasta sauce.

My companion can have pasta three times a day, so he was perfectly happy with a generous bowl of Pappardella pasta for his main course: This dish is made with several different mushrooms and a wonderful sauce. It was simply delicious. Stepping aside from the pasta, I chose a fish main course. A platter with two fillets served with truffle puree and a cooked vegetable dish with peas, spinach, and other vegetables. It was unique and delicious.

If desserts are your thing, you are in the right place. At a dairy Italian restaurant, and you know what desserts are coming.
"We have delicious Tiramisu" said the waitress.
"I am sure"
"The Panna Cotta is amazing."
"I am sure"
But we decided on the chocolate truffle served with a scoop of ice cream and caramelize banana slices. Zing! What a combination. The chocolate is rich. The balance with the ice cream is brilliant, and the whole thing is topped off by the caramelized banana and nuts. Heavenly.

If you haven't gotten the idea, we loved Uno restaurant. We were

Note that whereas the restaurant is wheelchair friendly the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Focacia nis 18, Ravioli starter NIS 38, Pumpkin ravioli starter NIS 42, Pasta parpadela main NIS 62. Fish main course NIS 108

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