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Dalila Beach (next to the Marina), Ashkelon
Tel: 08-6441444
Kashrut: Rabbanut Ashkelon, Chalak Meat, Vegetables Gush Katif

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon. - 2:00 am. Friday: 12:00 pm. noon. - half an hour before Shabbat. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat - 2:00 am. Closed Shabbat.

October 2015

Vista Restaurant is about the food, the ambiance and of course the view. Diners at Vista Restaurant benefit twice: first from the breathtaking blue of the sea and second from the culinary experience.

The view, as the name suggests, is striking. Vista restaurant has a full and unobstructed view of Ashkelon's Mediterranean beach. You will enjoy this from either the outdoor patio or from the stylized indoor space where you will enjoy the view through tall windows. The indoor area is beautifully designed with minimalist and uncluttered clean lines. This allows the wonderful dishes served at the restaurant to take center stage.

Vista - Outdoors
Getting there: The restaurant is located at Delilah Beach. That's to remind you who came from Ashkelon - this is Samson and Delilah country. Get your sling shots in order.

Because it faces the beach, you won't see the restaurant from the street. The restaurant is in the far end of the square at Delilah Beach. Park in the large outdoor parking lot at the entrance to the square. Walk between the "pitzuchiya" (nut store) and the Deli Cream, through the archway into the circular square. You will see the restaurant on your right. Note that the entrance is wheelchair friendly.

Vista - Indoors

About The Vista Menu

Vista Restaurant is an excellent venue for meeting friends who live equidistant from Ashkelon. After an hour's drive to Ashkelon we were pleased to find that the restaurant had clean and spacious bathrooms. We found very comfortable seating on banquets facing the view, and when they honored our request to lower the volume on the music, we were able to have pleasant conversation.

We were four diners, so we had an opportunity to taste a variety of dishes. The restaurant offers a reasonable fixed price 3-course dinner. This menu does not include some of the higher end dishes that are available at the restaurant. You may choose a different strategy when you visit Vista Restaurant. See more on this below.

For starters we chose the vegetarian roasted eggplant, an eggplant roll with meat, and a fresh salad. The roast eggplant is flavored with some unusual spices, not to my liking but favored by the others at our table. The eggplant roll plate had four rolls, each filled with chopped meat and coated with a crisp coating. They were mildly spicy, and everyone who tried them found them delicious. . For our main courses two in our party chose the burger in a roll with chips. This was an impressive dish with a large burger in a roll on a platter with chips and dips. We also had liver with pears and the salmon teriyaki. The liver dish was a bowl of lots of chicken livers in a dark sauce layered on mashed potatoes, piled with crispy onions.The salmon was baked with teriyaki sauce and served with root vegetables. All the dishes were very nicely presented and tasty. The fixed dinner menu includes dessert, and we were able to try each of the desserts: the sorbet dish with three flavors, a Moroccan style dessert with long cookies coated with sugar granules accompanied by a scoop of parve ice cream, and the Pavlova (a tower of sweet meringue and berry sauce). These desserts, nicely presented and attractive looking, all met with our approval as well.

Vista - Eggplan with Tehina Vista - Meat Carpaccio

The Vista Restaurant fixed price lunch menu and a 3-course fixed price dinner menu includes the basic dishes. The higher end dishes, that are the restaurant specialties, are not on this menu. The restaurant insists that to enjoy the discounted fixed price meals, everyone at the table must order the fixed price meal. No one diner at the table can order from the ala carte menu once the group decides for the fixed price special. The eLuna 10% discount does not apply to the discounted meals. Instead of the fixed price meals you may consider ordering from the menu and use the eLuna 10% discount.

There is a full bar with an extensive menu including all kinds of classic cocktails, wines, beers, spirits.

Children are welcome at Vista with a special menu that includes the classics that children always like: Spaghettini Napolitano, Chicken Nuggets, Kids Burger, and more. Vista is the place for a sumptuous family dinner with the soothing sea breeze overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean Sea.

Foie grass medallions: NIS 59, Ceviche: NIS 53, Whole Grilled Sea Bass NIS 93, Salmon Teriyaki: NIS 89, Entrecote Steak NIS 99 - 159, Veal Fillet: NIS 159, Liver and Pears: NIS 72, Roasted Eggplant Ravioli NIS 64, Desserts NIS 29 - 45. From the Children's menu: Spaghettini Napolitano: NIS 41. Fixed price dinner menu NIS 89 per person.
Vista - Pargit Vista - Meat

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Vista. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

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