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16 Haharoshet St., Kiryat Etgarim Industrial Park, Raanana
Tel: 09-7414665
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - 10:00pm. Friday till 4:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Zak's Bakery & Good Food

July 2017
Zak's Bakery & Food is a charming coffee shop on the main street of the Raanana Industrial park. Zak's is a corner shop in the small center opposite and a few shops south of the Raanana mall. The shopping center is the location of the new Macabi Assuta offices. The center has its own parking and Zak's will validate your parking stub for one hour of free parking for its guests..

Zak's is two food services in one place. First Zak's is a bakery with breads, gorgeous fresh cakes and open and packaged cookies. The far wall of the cafe has a display of cookies and cakes, croissants, breads, and all the baked goods. Note that there are also sugar-free cakes. In the front of the cafe, attractive fancy cakes are displayed in a glass case . These are all available for table service or you can buy these items to take home. Zak's also caters, and you can order trays of sandwiches or fancy cakes for smachot or for your guests at home.

A cup of coffee and a yummy cake is worth a visit to Zak's. But that's not all. Zak's has to offer. Zak's presents a full menu of light dairy meals ranging from pizzas, sandwiches, lasagna and spaghetti made of fresh pasta. There are wonderful focaccia dishes and fresher than fresh salads. Pizzas and focaccia are made in Zak's taboun oven. So don't just come for the sweets. Come for a nice dairy meal. In fact, bring the family.

About Zak's

Zak's customers see only the sleek, modern and clean seating area. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed and there is plenty of smiling staff. There is comfortable seating, plenty of food, and overflow seating outside. What customers don't see is the 400 meters of kitchen and preparation area behind the scenes. That is where the owners and their staff prepare the foods. All the foods are prepared in house. Even the salad dressing is prepared at the restaurant. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used with no preservatives and no food coloring. There must be a dozen types of breads, whole wheat, 7-grains, spelt, olive bread, just to name a few. The kashrut is dairy but Zak's is careful to separate the parve foods and offers parve challot for shabbat, white and whole wheat.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem night outside view

Zak's Bakery is a dream come true for the owners. For many years they had a successful business in the fashion industry. This took them to places far and wide, including many trips to Paris, where they discovered French food. With their heightened sense of aesthetics and design, they naturally took an interest in beautiful French baked goods. Study and practice, and voila! they became French pastry chefs.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view zaks

If a picture is worth a thousand words, certainly the pictures of the delicious foods at Zak's Bakery & Food is more impressive than anything that can be said..

Campania fish

eLuna Visits Zak's

We heard that there was a new cafe in the Raanana Industrial park so in the late afternoon one day mid week we set out to see what it is about. We could actually park at the mall and walk over, but not sure where it was, we drove to the small center where Zak's is located and found plenty of parking. (This is pay parking but the restaurant stamps your parking slip for one free hour.)

We were charmed by Zak's clean modern design and the welcoming staff. At this usually quiet time of day, there was lively traffic at the restaurant with diners seated inside and outside and folks coming in to buy the bread and packaged goods.

The menus are at the cash register, so you can get an idea of the foods available before you sit down. Looking for just a light snack we each chose a cup of coffee and one focaccia topped with mushrooms and salty share. It took all of my will power to pass on those lovely cakes. but next time I visit Zak's I will surely indulge.

Our order was delivered to our table with a smile, in a reasonable amount of time, We enjoyed the foods and the coffee, which came to a total of 50 shekels. I cannot think of a nicer place to retreat for a treat after shopping or after an appointment in the tech park.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Zak's. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant. The eLuna coupon is valid weekdays from 4pm - 10pm and applies to seating and packaged items.

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