The finer things in life for the kosher community


1. Entering a bid obligates you to pay that amount, should you win the auction.

2. Payment is by credit card. You can enter your credit card number in our secure form or you can email eLuna with your phone number and we will call you for the payment.

3. Vouchers will be made payable in the name of the winner of the auction. Vouchers are not transferable.
    There are no refunds and no exchanges.

4. Winners agree to pay a NIS 10 processing fee.

5. Vouchers will be sent to you within one working day after you submit your payment.
    We do not guarantee that you will receive the vouchers the day the auctions end.

6. Vouchers are guaranteed for a period of three weeks from the close of the auction.
    After that time if the restaurant is unable to honor the voucher, eLuna is not responsible.

7. If payment is not made within one week eLuna reserves the right to disqualify the auction.

8. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other offer. The 10% discount coupon cannot be used with the winning voucher.
    Use of the winning vouchers for restaurant specials is at the discretion of the restaurant.