Eluna Auction #29681 Dinner for Two at Koya Caesearea

30/09/2023 11:56:17

Dinner for two at Koya, Caesarea

Now kosher!
The popular Koya diner/restaurant in Caesarea has been open for years, but as a non-kohser restaurant. Now this restaurant in Caesarea has become kosher. Now the kosher community and the restaurant's previous non-kosher clientele can enjoy this restaurant equally.

Koya is a pleasant family meat restaurant with an informal yet stylish interior. The food and the service are both above average, and the portions are extremely generous. They call this a diner, but with those portions we call it a Fresser.

The Shnitzel main course includes two large breaded crispy shnitzels served with a generous glob of mashed potatoes. The shnitzels are so large you may not be able to eat both of them. The entrecote hamburger served on a large roll, came with a heaping mountain of fried onions. Donor is a Turkish dish, which included strips of grilled Angus beef served with Chimichuri or techina sauce.

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13 Hashoham, Industrial Park North, Caesarea
Kashrut: Rav Gavriel Surani, Moatza Chof Hacarmel

Bid on a NIS 200 voucher at koya Ceasarea Restaurant.

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21/07/2022 21:00:00 
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The Auction has ended

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