Eluna Auction #31268 Dinner for Two at Zoi Greek Restaurant, Kfar Saba

01/06/2023 08:12:23

Dinner for Two at ZOI, Kfar Saba

ZOI Restaurant in Kfar Saba is a dairy restaurant offering classic Greek dishes including the yogurt based foods and fish. Don't expect the pizza and the pasta. This is another kind of cuisine, and if you love dairy foods, you're gonna love this.

The highlight at ZOI are the mini-appetizers - tapas. The tapas give you a small taste of a wide selection of the chef's talents. I counted about two dozen tapas on the menu. These are all very tempting. The restaurant prides itself on the fish dishes, fresh from the market. where the restaurant is located.

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Market Courtyard, 4 Giborei Yisrael, Kfar Saba
Tel: 053-6111498
Kashrut: Rabbanut Kfar Saba

Bid on a NIS 250 voucher at ZOI Restaurant.

First Bid
NIS 160 
Current Bid
NIS 160 
High Bidder
Bid Increment
NIS 10
Auction End Date
31/05/2023 21:00:00 
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The Auction has ended

The Auction has ended

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