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4 David Remez, First Station, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5611182
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 am. - 1:30 pm. Friday: 7:30 am. - two hours before Shabbat.
Motzei Shabbat:
one hour after Shabbat - 1:00 am. Closed Shabbat.

Fresh Kitchen

January 2014
Did you ever wish for a restaurant that offered healthy and low calorie foods that don't sacrifice flavors? Welcome to Fresh Kitchen, a chain of cafe restaurants that focus on foods that are both healthy and delicious.
Note: Not all the restaurants in the chain have a teudat kashrut. The first kosher mehadrin branch in the Fresh Kitchen chain has opened in Jerusalem's First Train Station. Go for it.

The menu at Fresh Kitchen was developed by chefs and dieticians. It features a great variety of dishes including your favorite pasta dishes, unique salads packed with vitamins and minerals, sandwiches made from bread rich in grains and iron. There is a great selection of breakfasts, organic coffee, and healthy desserts baked daily.

Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem day outside view Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem night outside view

About the Fresh Kitchen Menu

The menu at Fresh Kitchen will satisfy folks adhering to different diets. Menu items suit vegetarian, gluten free, natural, pregnant and breast feeding women, nutritious, low calorie (no more 500) The menu offers details of the nutritional value per serving. These are easily identified by color circles next to each plate.

Red Shatshuka is a healthy way to begin the day. This breakfast is nutritious, low calorie and vegetarian. It is served together with salad, bread calzone and either natural juice or a hot drink.
Fresh Kitchen Red Shatshuka

There is a great selection of salads makes Fresh a kingdom of the health eating. Salads include salmon, tofu, burgle, lentils, quinoa, salad mixes with goat cheese, and assorted vegetables.

Fresh Kitchen Cuscus Salad Have your sandwich the way you like it, from the ingredients on the menu: eggs, tuna, Norwegian salmon, goat cheese and more.

An Italian section in the menu will amaze you with their healthy selections. Do not skip it.

For a lunch or dinner, Fresh offers a selection of rice, pasta and fish platters. The restaurant recommends the Salmon fish skewersand the Thailand pasta

A selection of delicious yet healty desserts will complete this culinary adventure. Check out the desserts corner and enjoy.

Fresh Kitchen Dessert Corner

Breakfast: NIS 32 - 56 , Salads: NIS 16 - 58, Sandwiches NIS 24 - 44, main courses: NIS 48 - 78.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: Chavie Greenwald. Date: June 21, 2015. Description: We arrived having reserved a table indoors, the staff greeted us with warm smiles and immediately accommadated our request to sit outside. We were comfortable and the place was reasonably clean, I appreciated the open kitchen where I witnessed a clean , well run, organized kitchen with fresh ingredients and everything prepared on the spot. The bathrooms were reasonably clean as well. The staff helped us with the menu and brought the food exactly as we ordered, remembering who ordered what, in a timely fashion. The staff respected our privacy but were around to be helpful and took an interest in us. We all enjoyed different salads and other patrons seemed like they were enjoying as well. The coffee was yummy and served as each individual ordered it (no small feat). I felt that the food was certainly healthier than most other places, I appreciated the calorie ad nutritional information that came with each item and the fact that the food was exactly as described. We often find that the restaurants make substitutions at will and you can end up with something you hate or allergic to. The prices were fair and the experience pleasant.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Fresh Kitchen. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.