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Dairy Restaurant Coffee Shop
10 Dubnov Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-695 0567

Kosher: Mehadrin Rabbanut Tel-Aviv Yaffo

Open: Sun - Thursday 7:30am - 12:00 midnight or the last guest. Friday 7:30am till Shabbat. One hour after Shabbat till midnight or the last guest. Closed Shabbat.

January 2012
Alternative restaurant, formerly on Weitzman St, has moved to Tel Aviv's Dubnov Street, off Shaul Hamelech. The restaurant offers a great selection of lovely dairy dishes and fish. You can enjoy either a full dairy meal, a fish dinner, a light snack, or just a cup of coffee and one of their amazing desserts.

My companion and I stopped in for a light meal at this restaurant when we were on an errand in Tel-Aviv. In the early evening the restaurant was nicely filled with local neighborhood people. This speaks well for the restaurant that apparently attracts return visitors. Though many of the locals sat on the outdoor patio, we chose to sit in the sizable well air-conditioned indoor area.

The Menu at Alternative Restaurant

The menu offers so many enticing items it was hard to choose. My companion decided on a soup and a sandwich and I chose a vegetable quiche platter. We both ordered soft drinks, which were on our table within minutes. This was very welcome on the warm summer day.

The food started coming very shortly after our order was taken. My companion was served a very large bowl of tasty thick soup. It must have been bubbling away in the kitchen because it seemed ready to serve, hot and plentiful, without any delay.

My quiche platter consisted of a healthy wedge of quiche and a well-dressed lettuce salad. Both were quite tasty and not too heavy. The quiche, served with a dab of sour cream on the side, had a very nice homemade taste, with a light crust and plenty of vegetables. My companion’s sandwich was served with the same lettuce salad, which he also enjoyed.

We disappointed the waitress when we did not top off our meal with a dessert. The desserts, she told us, were the specialty of the restaurant, and she listed about a dozen different dessert options, each one sounding better than the next. We decided to save the rich dairy desserts for another visit to this restaurant, which I hope will be soon.

The bill for our soup, sandwich, quiche platter, and two soft drinks came to NIS 125. Desserts are approximately NIS 25 each. Take 10% off when you present the discount coupon.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Alternative Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.