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Azriela Mall, Modiin
Tel: 072-3713161
Delivery available
Kashrut: Badatz Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - 10:45 pm. Friday: 8:00 am. - Two hours before Shabbat..
Closed Shabbat..

Biga, Modiin

July 2020
Biga is a chain of restaurants throughout Israel. The branch restaurant in Modiin's Azrieli Mall has a pleasant European atmosphere. There is seating inside, in the large space in the center of the mall and as this restaurant is on the ground level, there is outdoor seating at the entrance.

Greg Cafe Beit Shemesh

Many of us are concerned about seating options in these days of Corona. Biga is located just steps from the entrance to the mall.

If you park outside, near the front entrance, there is no need to go through the mall or enter the elevator.

There is also some seating outside the restaurant, where there are no crowds and no smoking.

What are we going to eat?
Where do we begin?
Breakfast is the best way to begin, with an offer at the top of the listing. Add 10 shekels to your breakfast order and get a fresh-from-the-oven crouisson Sounds worth it. The menu offers a full breakfast for one, or breakfast for two. Some like to start the day with a sandwich or a light breakfast, also an option. Then there is shakshuka. What would breakfast be without shakshuka?

There is a great selection of salads, pizzas, and main dish fish platters. In every category there are gluten-free and vegan options. Sandwiches are served on the Biga signature sour bread and come with a side salad.

My kids don't even have to look at the menu. They go straight for the pastas, and Biga has plenty to choose from. Penne, Tortellini, Pappardelle, and more with Nepolitana, Mushrooms, Sweet potato, Ricotta, and a variety of other sauces. Something for everyone.

On a family visit to this restaurant my granddaughter chose the pasta childrens menu served with carrot salad and corn.

She enjoyed it so much she is already asking to return to Biga.

Biga offers a very nice selection of hot and cold drinks and amazing desserts. In an effort to avoid looking like their mother, my kids have learned to pass dessert. Shame to miss out on such great offers. There are some
sugar-free desserts, if you must. A glass of hot apple cider served with dried apple rings and a cinnamon stick can also top off a great meal.

Greg Cafe Beit Shemesh Greg Cafe Beit Shemesh

From the menu: Breakfasts: shakshuka NIS 52/54. Salads: NIS 52 - 67. Halumi and mushroom salad NIS 67. Sandwiches: eggsalad, smoked salmon NIS 47 and NIS 57. Italian dishes: penne NIS 52. Tortellini 63. pizza NIS 52/54. Mains: salmon NIS 89. Salmon with noodles NIS 68. Belgian Waffle NIS 45

Greg Beit ShemeshThere are a wide range of fresh baked goods on display that can be purchased to take home. Don't leave this restaurant without a loaf of hand crafted natural sourdough bread baked in a stone oven. There are also pastries, cakes, cookies, focaccia and more.

Biga Modiin is a great venue for hosting events. The restaurant also prepares platters for events at your home or other locations. Take way from the restaurant menu is also an option.

Features: Offering outdoor seating area, wireless internet, parking and an option to order take away food.

From Our Readers:
Customer Comment: From Devorak K, Date: July 2020. Description: We recently went to Biga in the Modiin mall for breakfast, on the occasion of our 6 year old son’s birthday.  My mother-in-law was also visiting from Canada, so it was an extra special outing!   Lucky for us- this was soon before the Corona pandemic started- so times were “normal”.   We sat inside the restaurant – but there is also seating available in the mall- just outside the resttaurant.  The entire menu is on I-pads with pictures- so you can really envision what you will be ordering.  I love seeing before ordering!

The entire experience was excellent.  We all ordered different menu items.  My favorite breakfast at Biga is the poached egg/brioche with caramelized onions.  My husband got the poached egg/brioche with the mushrooms/cream sauce which was delicious as well.  There were tasty salads that accompanied as side dishes.  Our son chose the scrumptious pancakes covered in caramel sauce and a hot chocolate drink.  What can be more exciting to a 6 year old?!  My mother-in-law is a tiny eater and ordered a coffee/croissant – which she loved.  

The staff was lovely and when they heard it was our son’s birthday- they asked us to stay a bit longer so they could bring him something special.   They surprised him with a small dessert “on the house”  and came out singing happy birthday!

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Biga Modiin . Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.