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Gourmet Pesachdik Cakes and Baked Goods

All roads lead to Jerusalem, but in this case, Petach Tikva. The folks from Schick's Bakery in Brooklyn are on Aliya, and are bringing their baking know-how to Israel. For Pesach only, you can order high-end Gourmet Pesachdick baked goods. Choose brownies, cookies, French Macarons, layer cakes, chocolate rolls, rum balls and more. Order online on the Schick's website.

Pick up from central locations in 9 cities. Order by April 7. You'll never know they are Pesachdik .

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Schick's Bakery

Tel: 072 247 9900
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rabbanut Petach Tikva. Parve. Non-kitniyot, non-gebrochts