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The Giron Center, Jabotinsky Street, Raanana
Tel: 09-7728340

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00am - 12 midnight. Friday: 8:00am till 3:00pm. Closed Shabbat and Saturday night.

This write up was submitted by Rosanne Skopp []
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We were doubly lucky. We were the winners of the eLuna auction for dinner for two at Bread and Breakfast and we enjoyed our meal immensely.  See eLuna auctions.

Surrounded by shops in the Giron Center, ambiance is not Bread and Breakfast's strong point. However, the friendly service and  delicious food more than compensate.

This is a dairy restaurant with lots of options, some of them quite unusual and some typical. Hence we started with the ubiquitous patata soup (sweet potato) which was quite tasty.  I went on to the Italian breakfast, one of 13 different nationalities. My breakfast, came with a huge fresh orange juice and hot beverage as well as the bread with butter and jam. It also included a very non-eggy looking omelet (at least that's what is was called although to me it looked more like a buckwheat pancake). This was served with a lovely salad and sliced mozzarella and tomatoes splashed with olive oil coupled with the house bread which was excellent.  My partner (who happens to be my spouse) went for the daily special which was a yummy pasta in a cream and spinach sauce. Also on the abundant menu are a variety of interesting sandwiches, a quiche de jour and incredibly edible desserts.

We still had more eLuna shekels to spend so we indulged big time with two desserts.  I had the triple chocolate mousse. Outrageous!  He ordered (but brought home to savor) the nut pie served with rich vanilla ice cream.  A little sampling confirmed that the pie will be a delightful midnight snack.The ice cream he managed to wolf down on the spot. 

Prices are quite reasonable and we look forward to returning very very soon! And a really sweet touch is the free indoor parking in the Giron Center.  Thank you eLuna.  We'd never have found it without you.

Note that the 10% discount coupon is valid after 4:00pm

About This Restaurant From eLuna Members

Submitted by: Judi: June 2011.

My family and I couldn't wait to use a gift certificate that we received from eLuna for Bread & Breakfast, one of my favorite restaurants. My son was so excited to have the luxurious French toast. He couldn't believe that the side dish options were fruit or ice cream. For him the choice was a no brainer—ice cream. He loved the thick bread soaked and softened in an eggy mixture and fried to perfection. My daughter had the American breakfast, which she found filling and just perfect. I don't know what spices they added to the side dish of potatoes, but they had just the right amount of everything. My husband and I are both salmon fans and the salmon salad did not disappoint. In fact, the portions were so generous, that we had lunch for the next day. As always, the fresh whole wheat bread was a perfect accompaniment to the meal. As "dessert" my daughter and I shared the vanilla latte. I think this is the most tasty vanilla latte in the world, and I used to be a big fan of the Starbuck's vanilla latte, which isn't even in the same league.

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