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Bread & Breakfast
3 Jabotinsky St., Giron Center, Raanana
Tel: 09-772-8340
Kashrut Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday, 8:00am till 8:00pm. Open Friday 8:00am till 2:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Bread & Breakfast Raanana

Revisited August 2023
Bread & Breakfast is a Raanana landmark. The restaurant is located on the entrance floor of the Giron shopping center, in the middle of the atrium. Green leafy plants separate the seating area from the foot traffic of shoppers giving the restaurant a semi-private feel. The restaurant has been open in this location for over a decade. Dairy restaurants come and go but Bread & Breakfast has held steady, Raanana would not be the same without it.

We visited this restaurant one mid week morning for, as the name suggests, bread and breakfast. The restaurant opens at 8 but does not get into full swing till 9am. In the early hours the restaurant is a popular venue for early coffee drinkers. Delicious looking fresh pastries are available with your coffee, so no need to wait till 9 for a coffee and a croissant.

The breakfast menu offers different types of egg dishes. Eggs Benedict is an all time favorite and shakshouka. But your breakfast is not limited to the breakfast menu. There are "small" dishes, salads and toastim that also work for breakfast.

My companion and I each chose one of the toastim. Each was served with a lovely Israeli salad. I chose the mozzarella toastie and my companion the egg toast. The menu (Hebrew and English) also offers a variety of interesting sandwiches, starters and attractive baked goods.

The lunch menu is more varied with salads, pasta dishes and fish platters. Pizzas are baked in the on-site pizza oven. Pizza Margarita is the most popular with a variety of toppings.

Note that the 10% discount coupon is valid after 4:00pm
The pastries (from Biscotti) are very tempting and we recommend ending your meal with a delicious cuppa and a sweet dessert..

From the Menu
Bread & Breakfast toastie NIS 56
Mozzarella toastie NIS 52
Popeye shakshuka with spinach NIS 69
Eggs Benedict with eggs, salmon, spinach NIS 74
Pizza Margarita NIS 46

Packaged baked goods are sold at the counter.
Parking: Parking underground in the building.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next visit to Bread & Breakfast Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant or show it on the eLuna app.