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Gourmet Dairy Chef Restaurant
3 Zarchin St., Etgarim, Ra'anana
Tel: 09-7460586

Kashrut: Rabbanut Ra'anana
Reservations required

Open Sunday - Thursday Lunch: 12:00am till 2:00pm. Dinner: 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Carrousel French Chef Restaurant

Revisited February 2022
Carrousel Chef Restaurant is located on Zarchin Street in Raanana's Etgarim Tech Park. Few will remember Carrousel's original location in town, on Raanana's Rambam Street. This is where we first met Chef and owner Stephan, who continues at the helm of this restaurant for well over a decade. The waitress at the original restaurant was Stephan's daughter. She is all grown up now, and taking her place are Stephan's wife and other family members.

Stephan is a man who takes pride in his craft. He personally prepares all the foods at this restaurant from the bread to the ice cream dessert. The restaurant, kept small by design, is Stephan's venue for make a personal connection with people, learning their tastes and bringing happiness to people through food. When he asks you if everything is ok, he means it. Not like one of those child waitresses who come around before you put a morsel in your mouth and rattle off "everythingok?"

Carrousel is a very French restaurant. The decor has a simple European elegance, kept simple, so as not to compete with the food. The one-room dining area is filled with properly spaced small glass-topped tables over white cloth, and wooden bistro chairs. We were charmed by the grey and maroon color pallet of the restaurant, the mirrors - a favorite in French restaurants, the French music, and the collection of carrousel figurines at the entrance. Stephan's diploma from the French cooking school L'ecole Drouant is displayed proudly.

We pampered ourselves with lunch at Carrousel on a crisp winter afternoon. Lunch is served from 12 noon till 2pm so come on time. The restaurant closes after lunch to reopen again at 7pm. We started our lunch with soup. I preferred the pea soup with Nana (mint), while my companion was delighted with the fish soup. This soup is modeled after the French Bouillabaisse, that can be a whole meal. Stephan's version, one of his specialties, is a quality soup appetizer. It is served with rouille, a classic French mayonnaise-style sauce based on garlic, chilli and saffron. A small bowl of grated cheese and another of Stephan's croutons, rounded out the dish and was a major boost to the flavor.

Before you taste the food, you will be impressed with its presentation. The matching set of white porcelain soup and condiment bowls was charming, as was each dish that was presented at our table throughout the meal.

Along with the soup we were treated to Stephan's brioche with a pad of butter, another signature dish. Crusty on the outside and soft in the inside, these cupcake shaped rolls are so good they are a dish on to themselves.

The Averonnaise salad is every ones favorite we were told. The vegetables are sprinkled with Roquefort cheese and walnuts and dressed with balsamic vinegar. At the very top are slivers of fresh crunchy apple. Zing. The mix of flavors is outstanding.

Stephan's rolls have no competition.

For our main course I chose the Portobello Mushroom Risotto. The Risotto was excellent, though I could not do it justice after the soup and the salad. My companion was more than willing to help outMy companion favored the salmon. Both were beautifully presented and expertly prepared. The fish of the day is always a boneless filet. We had a beautiful slice of salmon topped with mint leaves that had been finished off in the oven. It was perfectly done balanced with slices of baked potatoes au gratin, roasted vegetables. and a dollop of sweet potato cream.

Photos taken by eLuna staff at the dinner

Dessert! Who can resist Stephan's rich and delicious dairy desserts? We enjoyed the chocolate ice cream profiterole made with rich chocolate and no fats or sugar added. Stephan's Creme Brulee, made with vanilla from Madagascar is simply a must. You can't go home before you have had this dessert. The menu also offers Crepe Suzette, served in the classic French style, with a scoop of ice cream and orange sauce. Another time.

What's a French restaurant without fondue? Actually, says Stephan, Fondue is originally a Swiss dish. The French adopted it in two versions: cheese and chocolate. The people at the table next to us were clearly enjoying Carrousel's cheese fondue of with melted cheeses bubbling in a heavy pot placed on the table over a small flame. Dinner becomes a party when you and your friends dip chunks of bread into this rich delicious mix. This is a great dish, unique at Carrousel, for 3 - 4 friends dining together.

Stephan also hosts cooking classes and cooking events such as fund raisers and Bat Mitzva parties, with a cooking theme. Stephan welcomes groups (reservations in advance) who would like some hands-on fun in the kitchen. Contact the restaurant for details.

The demand at the restaurant makes reservations a must. Stephan will not seat you if your table is reserved and he spaces his customers with enough time for each wave to enjoy their dinner.

From the Menu:
Fish Soups Bouillabaisse NIS 42
Aveyronnaise Salad NIS 52,
Salmon Main course NIS 90,
Sea-bass Sautéed Provencal Style 130
Savory crepe main course NIS 56,
Lasagna NIS 62,
Fettuccini: NIS 56/62 for sauce without/with cream  (+ 5 NIS additions),
Quiches Served with Green salad and baby leaves: NIS 56.
Sweet crepe dessert NIS 38. ,

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: Anne & David Silverman Date: August 11, 2015. Description: It has been 10 years since we last sent in a review of Carrousel and it is hard to believe that over all these years that we have been going there regularly, the standard and quality of the food and service have never dropped. This dairy fish restaurant always serves exceptional food and the owner/chef Stefan has his finger on the pulse of everything. All the food is prepared "on site"; amazing "hot" soup, great fish and pasta, and no bought-in desserts here, just scrumptious home creations. We have never had a bad meal and all the friends we have ever brought, have like us, put Carrousel on their "restaurant map". Join the club !!

Submitted by: D. Silverman. Date: August 2005. Description: Since writing in about Carrousel back in January 2004 we have become regulars (even though we live in Netanya), and each time it is as good there as the time before. The standard of food and service never drops and one can be assured of a most delightful evening on each occasion. The food is still exemplary,and always comes hot(unless it shouldn't be!!). The soups are wonderful, the main dishes both creative and exceptionally tasty, and the desserts are to die for!!! For a special meal at a very reasonable cost, book now!!!!

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